[VIDEO] Woman Loses Her Job After Celebrating Deaths Of Mississippi Police Officers

LAUREL, Miss –

A woman who posted on social media apparently celebrating the murders of two Mississippi police officers, is now without a job.

The two Hattiesburg police officers were shot and killed Saturday night, after making a fateful traffic stop. After being informed of the news, Sierra McCurdy celebrated their deaths on social media.

“2 police officers was shot in Hattiesburg tonight…GOT EM,” she wrote. “We can turn this bitch into Baltimore real quick….Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, fuck them…no mercy.”

Unfortunately for Ms. McCurdy, her employer, Subway, did not take too kindly to her remarks. Once the remarks were brought to Subway’s attention, they responded on Sunday, stating the Ms. McCurdy had been terminated.

Subway said in a statement: “We appreciate your concern and we want you to know that we in no way condone this kind of behavior. It does not represent the values and ethics of our brand. The unfortunate choice of one individual should not reflect on the more than 400,000 honest, hardworking Sandwich Artists worldwide. We are in touch with the local franchisee and he let us know he has suspended his employee pending further investigation.”

On Saturday, reports from authorities stated that officers Benjamin Deen, 34 and Liquori Tate, 25 were shot during a routine traffic stop shortly before 8 p.m. near East Fourth and Boule streets in Hattiesburg.  The Forrest County Coroner, Butch Benedict told local reporters that both officers were officially pronounced dead at Forrest General Hospital.

There have been three suspects arrested within hours of the shooting, brothers Curtis and Melvin Banks, and a 22-year-old woman Joanie Calloway.  Police state that one of the brothers took one of the fallen officers’ patrol car and abandoned it near some train tracks a few blocks from the scene of the shooting.

Warren Smith, a spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety told the API that Marvin Banks, 29 and Calloway were each charged with two counts of capital murder while Curtis Banks was charged with two counts of accessory after the fact to capital murder.


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  2. As the son of a retired police officer I can think of only one punishment that is proper for this crime. For the perpetrators of the shooting death for the two accessories to it life with no possibility of parole.

  3. Avatar Dave gillespie | May 14, 2015 at 9:02 am |

    I ordered pizza and soda at work to celebrate but I didn’t get fired! I think I’ll make it a tradition!

  4. A subway employee speaking English? Oh well, she’ll get a lawyer and be back, probalby as a franchise owner

  5. When will these idiots get it? Yes, you DO have a right to free speech. But you DO NOT have an automatic right to be free from the consequences of that speech.

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