VIDEO: Thugs Mess With Concealed Carrier and Pay The Price

Image: Youtube/WFTX-TV

Fort Myers, FL –

Recently released surveillance footage has determined that concealed carry permit holder who shot and killed a man earlier this year acted in self-defense.

The video (below) shows the events as they unfolded at a Fort Myers Waffle House restaurant just before 3:00AM on January 5th. Jehrardd Williams, a frequent customer, was sitting in the restaurant enjoying his meal, while legally carrying a .40 caliber handgun.

Image: Youtube/WFTX-TV

Image: Youtube/WFTX-TV

A short while later, a group of heavily intoxicated males entered the restaurant and began using racial slurs to address Williams and the man he was sitting with. The most aggressive of the group, Dakota Fields, exited the restaurant after employees asked him to leave…What unfolds next is unbelievable.

The video showed a friend of Fields, identified as Robert Black, shaking the Hispanic man’s hand — but when he tried that with Williams, it was a no-go, and Williams was seen shaking his head back and forth in refusal.

After Black punched Williams in the head, Williams pulled out his gun.

“(Williams) did not fire at Black …” a deputy wrote in the report, the News-Press said. “Instead he showed extreme restraint by taking several steps back and held the gun down at his side.”

The video then showed Fields rushing back into the restaurant toward Williams.

“(Williams) began to fear that all four males were going to attack him … (and) felt there was no other options but to shoot at Fields to prevent his attack,” the report said.

So Williams shot Fields three times.

And Fields ran out of the Waffle House with his friends walking after him.

Williams then dialed 911 and told the dispatcher he had shot at someone who made him fear for his life — added that he would place his handgun on the restaurant’s counter and deputies would find him lying on the floor, the News Press added, citing the report.

Fields died six miles down the road after the SUV he and friends left in struck a car at the foot of a bridge, the News-Press reported.


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  1. That guy had no choice and I don’t blame him one bit glad he is not being charged. It proves that color matters not …a thug is a thug…

  2. He did nothing wrong. Good for him. Great job bro.

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