[VIDEO] Downed U.S. Marine Helicopter Found in Nepal

(Photo: John MacDougall, AFP)

The U.S. Marine Huey helicopter was deployed on Tuesday to aid those in the Himalayan earthquakes that took place on April the 25th and Tuesday the 12th of May.  After making one drop off of supplies, the crew headed to their second drop off location when the crash took place. The helicopter was found in Nepal, eight miles outside of Charikot on Friday the 15th.

Captain Chris Norgren, 31, was confirmed by his mother and father to be the pilot of the helicopter, but the names of

Captain Chris Norgren, 31, was confirmed by his family to be the helicopter’s pilot.

the other people including the five U.S. Marines and two Nepali service members, involved in the crash have not been released. Norgren joined the Marines to become a pilot to fulfill his passion for flying that he had since an early age. He was also an assistant football coach at Bishop Carroll High school. His mother said of her son, “He loves God, loves family and loves to be able to help people.”

While the helicopter was en route to aid earthquake victims, the crew reported the aircraft was having fuel problems before it went down. The missing helicopter was searched for by air, and land crews since its disappearance. U.S. Joint Task Force on the ground confirmed that the crash site was that of the UH-1Y Huey helicopter that went missing on Tuesday. The U.S. Joint Task Force recovered all eight bodies of the missing crew. The debris from the crash is spread out over 11,200 feet according to the Nepalese Army. The precise cause of the crash is still undetermined and will be further investigated.

The 7.3 earthquake that took place on Tuesday the 12th in Nepal has a death toll of 8,400 and climbing, while over 6,000 more people are receiving medical care. The numbers from the earthquake that took place on April the 25th in addition add up to over 10,000 death toll and 12,000 seeking medical care.


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