Vet Nails “Stolen Valor” Scammer Claiming Three Purple Hearts [VIDEO]

I still haven’t figured out how these guys actually believe they can get away with these scams? Do they not know how easy it is to disprove their claims?  Although this is becoming more and more common place among our society (which really blows my mind), this guy just takes “slimy” to the next level.

Fox News caught wind of this story on Monday, when a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom caught a man masquerading around a Nebraska truck stop as a veteran, and how he “lit” into the phony soldier.

According to the news source, the “faux” vet was telling people at the truck stop store that he had just returned from overseas where he had received three Purple Hearts (for those who do not know what those are, they are received by veterans who have been wounded or killed in service.)

The real veteran watched as the scene continued to unfold, as innocent customers, taken by the scam, walked up and thanked him for his service and at least one kind person handed him money. As the “last straw” was placed upon the true veteran’s back, he lost his temper and confronted the scammer.

The video captures the encounter, and was later uploaded to YouTube on May 14th by Guardian of Valor, a group that has made it their sole mission to eradicate “stolen valor”. The real veteran goes on to tell the scammer that his uniform was not correct and his name tag was missing.

He goes on to bury the man with questions he could not answer, and finally ends the confrontation with some well deserved insults.

Guardian of Valor issued a statement regarding the man in question, stating that they know exactly who the man is, and that this isn’t the first time he has been caught in the act.

Hopefully they can put this man out-of-business for GOOD!




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