UPDATE: Bubba Watson Speaks To ESPN About Decision To Repaint The General Lee, Bad Idea Got Worse [VIDEO]

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Bubba Watson purchased The General Lee, the iconic blazing orange 69 Charger of Dukes of Hazzard fame. In the midst of the Confederate flag controversy he announced on Twitter and Facebook that he would be painting over the Confederate flag on the roof of the car, putting an America flag in its place. This of course unleashed a firestorm of comments on both of the social media giant platforms. When he finally spoke with ESPN about the issue, what he had to say made an already bad idea that much worse in the eyes of millions of Americans.

While he had some supporters, as time went on the detractors became the majority of the comments by far. While some argued the meaning and symbolism of the flag itself, most were offended by the very thought of defacing and American TV Icon loved by millions of ALL COLORS.

Now he admits that nobody has EVER been offended by his car. He admits that the Dukes of Hazzard TV show was not racist. So, in an effort to make a political statement that he did not want anyone to be offended by his car, he OFFENDED millions of Americans simply by suggesting such a thing.

Admittedly, it is HIS car and yes he can do whatever he pleases with it and make whatever statement he likes, but his explanation of his rationale will leave many people scratching their heads in dismay. In essence he said that in order not to offend anyone with a car that has never offended anyone, he is going to offend EVERYONE by defacing an American Icon. Even replacing the rebel flag with the American Flag, it is still The General Lee, named after the commander of the Confederate forces in the Civil War. I suppose he could change that to General Grant, commander of the Union forces, that wouldn’t offend anyone, would it? It’s not like General Grant owned slaves or anything… Oh wait, yes he did. General Sherman who burned his way through Georgia on his “March to the Sea” perhaps? Oh, wait. Sherman fought for the Union, but he was pro-Slavery, so… Hmmm…

This is the tricky little tangled web that engulfs you when an amateur tries to play the political correctness game. As John Schneider, who played Bo Luke on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show said, “Can’t we all just watch TV?” I wonder if Mr. Schneider will ask Bubba to paint over where he autographed the car, before he defaces the rest of it?

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  1. Hi Bubba,
    You don’t need to make a political statement with the General Lee because the car has nothing to do with politics, racism, slavery, or anything else the media is trying to throw at you. They are only self-important people with an agenda to make themselves seem powerful by getting you and others to do what they want by twisting the truth about history. Show them that you are smarter and stronger than they are by getting the facts and learning the real history of the Confederate flag because after those people are gone, all you will have is a ruined car and a broken heart.

  2. Avatar IGotBupkis, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." | July 6, 2015 at 1:58 am |

    Never cared much about golf, care even less about flying the stars and bars… but I hope dumbass never wins another round of golf… even putt-putt.

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