Two Weeks Trapped in SUV – Women Survive Eating Girl Scout Cookies

Women FoundTwo women, missing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, were found safe Friday. | Photo NBC News

Trapped in their SUV in heavy snow, two sisters survived Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for thirteen days on family love, melted snow and Girl Scout cookies.

Leslie Roy, 52, and Lee Marie Wright, 56, were spotted by a police helicopter in Luce County MI after they disappeared earlier this month.

“Through the days and nights while in the woods, we survived using love and hope in our families,” they said in an emailed statement, according to HuffPost News. “Our faith in God held our confidence that we would eventually be found. We took note of circling aircraft, available water resources, the supplies we had with us. These factors eased our mind and allowed us to stay alive for thirteen long days.”

According to HuffPost News, Roy, of Valley, Nebraska, and Wright, of Depew, Oklahoma, got stuck about 3 miles from Crisp Point Lighthouse along Lake Superior. They had been visiting relatives in Ishpeming, near Marquette in another part of the peninsula. The sisters had planned to head south on April 11.

They didn’t arrive at their Mackinaw City hotel where they had reservations, being trapped in snow on a little-used road until the helicopter pilot noticed a reflection off their Ford Explorer on Friday. There was no cell service in the area and the vehicle eventually went dead.

According to HuffPost News, state police Detective Sgt. Jeff Marker told The Associated Press that Roy and Wright wore layers of clothing to stay warm, melted snow to drink and ate Girl Scout cookies and a bag of cheese puffs.

They were taken to an area hospital Friday and released after examination.

“Lee and I would like to thank everyone. Friends, family, strangers from afar for all of their thoughts and prayers,” they said in the statement.

Much respect for these two tough ladies.

Source: Huffington Post

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