Is Trump The GOP Version Of Emperor Obama?

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There has been much criticism of President Obama as being a “Lawless” and “Imperial” President, implementing his agenda through executive order and one party rule. His two “legacy” achievements, Obamacare (domestically) and the Iran Nuclear Deal (foreign policy) have been or will be achieved without any bipartisan support from the Republican Party. His Executive Amnesty has also been referred to as an imperialistic act of a lawless President and in essence has signified a “my way or the highway” attitude his critics say.

Then there is Donald Trump, the current front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination, is there any doubt that Mr. Trump shares a similar “my way or the highway” attitude? Is there any doubt that Mr. Trump can, or will, deride, bully or degrade his detractors in much the same way that Obama has derided the Republicans as obstructionists in relation to his vision and agenda for America? Does have the (R) behind his name make Mr. Trump any less dangerous in his imperialism that President Obama?

Noted Conservative author and commentator, George Will, is not a big fan of Donald Trump and recently pointed out that America is a 47/47 nation. That means that in any election there are 47% of the people who will vote Republican and 47% that will vote Democrat with a 6% swing vote in the middle. It is extremely rare for a candidate, no matter how good or how bad, to get below 47% of the vote or above 53% of the vote. President Obama beat John McCain in 2008 by a 53% to 46% margin and Mitt Romney in 2012 by a 52% to 47% margin.

The middle 6% obviously swung to President Obama’s favor in the last two elections and in 2012 it was in spite of strong negative opinions of the President’s first term. Donald Trump, despite his front runner status has very high negative numbers as well. The question is, if he wins the nomination can he swing that middle 6% to his favor against whoever wins the Democratic nomination? The even bigger question is IF he does win the Presidency, how will he be any different than President Obama when they share the same imperialistic “my way or the highway” attitude?

Is  a raging imperialist Republican somehow better than a dictatorial Democrat? Are we destined to face radical ideological shifts every election cycle from far left to far right at the whim of the fickle 6% of the electorate in the middle? While Mr. Trump’s brash and politically incorrect style is popular and the polar opposite of President Obama’s politically correct and flowery admonitions, in the end are they really all that different? Has the electorate become so jaded that they seek larger than life characters as leaders rather than actual statesmen and stateswomen who may govern across party lines?

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