The Split Personality Of Gun Control Advocates: Texas VS. New Hampshire [VIDEO]

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We often get lost in the rhetoric surrounding the gun rights vs. gun control debate. Simply put, people in a particular state are solely focused on what is going on in their own backyard. However, when we step back and take a broader look at the issue, evidence of what can only be described as schizophrenia emerges.  A prime example can be found by looking at the arguments surrounding gun legislation in Texas and New Hampshire.

Let me preface this by saying that facts, if they are indeed facts, should be universal, correct? If that is the case, then gun control advocates would appear to be playing fast and loose with said “facts.” For example, in Texas the State House and Senate just passed an open carry bill that will allow handgun licensees to carry openly as well as concealed. Whereas in New Hampshire the legislature passed a bill that would allow those who are legally able to purchase and possess firearms to have the option of getting a handgun license (for interstate reciprocity) or simply carry concealed without one (also know as Constitutional Carry). Current law in New Hampshire allows open carry without a license, but requires a license to concealed carry. So, we have one state pushing open carry and another that has open carry relaxing restrictions on concealed carry. Enter the schizophrenic gun control advocates.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Angela Turner on Texas licensed open carry,

Open carry makes everyday confrontations potentially more dangerous and poses an unnecessary challenge on our law enforcement to determine in the heat of the event who is a good guy and who is a dangerous criminal.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, a leading Texas law enforcement opponent of open carry, took to twitter saying open carry legislation would be “open season for armed criminals and extremists.”

So, in Texas it would be “dangerous” and “open season” to allow law-abiding, background checked and licensed Texans to openly carry a handgun in a state where they can carry a rifle or shotgun openly without any such license.

How about New Hampshire? How did Moms Demand Action and local law enforcement in New Hampshire approach the unlicensed concealed carry issue in a state where unlicensed open carry is already legal?

“It gives an element of surprise,” said Tuftonboro Police Chief Andrew Shagoury. “Here’s the guy who goes out to the bar on Friday nights, gets hammered and he gets into fights – he’s not a felon,” Shagoury said. “He’s going to be able to get a concealed weapon. I would say this guy shows poor discretion.”

Of course that gentlemen, not being a felon, would be able to get a license to concealed carry under current law, unless he is known to local police and they decide he doesn’t “need” a license. Yet despite his “poor discretion” and the determination that he doesn’t “need” a license, this same guy can carry openly without any issue, other than that dreaded “element of surprise.”

Perhaps the best example I have come across is this mom in the video below, testifying on behalf of Moms Demand Action in New Hampshire, who also happens to be a police commissioner. The seemingly bi-polar testimony and lack of understanding of the 2nd amendment, not to mention her failure to identify herself as a police commissioner is astounding.

In Texas, the gun control advocates claim the streets will run red with blood if licensed open carry passes. In New Hampshire, where they have open carry without a license and no streets running red with blood, they argue that removing the licensing requirement for concealed carry will cause the streets to run red with blood. For the record, there are 5 “constitutional carry” states already with more moving that direction, that have unlicensed open and concealed carry and no shootouts in the streets, no rivers of blood and by and large no issues with law enforcement being in any more danger than any other state in the union. The only consistency seems to be dire predictions of death and destruction as a result of any legislation that does not curtail gun rights, even though those same predictions have been disproved everywhere and every time that gun controls have been repealed and gun freedoms restored. With such bi-polar, schizophrenic testimony across the country, is it any wonder why gun control advocates harp on keeping guns away from crazy people? They all seem to be nuts themselves.


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  1. Look next door from Texas to Oklahoma. We got open carry recently and the same things were said about us. The streets would run with blood! but it hasn’t.

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