Texas Police State: Waco Judge Agrees To Reduced Bail – If They Wave Their Rights To Sue The City [VIDEO]

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Earlier today, the detainees from the Twin Peaks/Biker incident that are still being held in the Jack Harwell detention Center (at least 170 people still remain incarcerated) were told that in exchange for a lesser bond amount (bond was originally set at $1 mil), they had to sign a waiver precluding the Waco Police Department from unlawful arrest or detainment and waiving rights to sue McLennan County and/or the City of Waco.

This latest information was gathered from an attorney representing at least one of those arrested; “It appears the public defenders office in McLennan County is involved in this scurrilous activity,” said Paul Looney, a Houston attorney with Looney & Conrad, P.C. “I’ve never seen anything like the lawlessness that the authorities have perpetrated on these people and now to add insult to injury they are trying to cover their own tracks in exchange for bond. I will be in the reception area of the McLennan County D.A.’s office tomorrow morning at 8:30 with the intention of not leaving until we have the issue of bond resolved.”

“They know these people aren’t dangerous or they wouldn’t be offering the bond reductions and they know the police and the D.A.’s office have violated the law and now they are trying to hold people hostage until they agree to waive their rights. It’s unconscionable,” said Clay S. Conrad, Looney’s law partner.

One biker’s family member presented it like this:

The City of Waco is literally putting a gun to the head of every detainee, holding their freedoms at ransom or else. “If you want out, give us a pass.”

The City is basically exhorting every detained biker, to insure they suffer no ill consequence for their actions, or they intend on holding them on the $1 million bond.

In other words… The City of Waco, the Police Department, the judicial system and the federal government are telling you that there are 170 “hardened criminals” being detained in their facility, but… if they sign a “little piece of paper” absolving the City of any wrong-doing, those “hardened thugs” will grow angel-wings and halos with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

So what I’m saying here is this: The Waco Police Department shoots nine at the scene, arrests and detains 170 more over the last two weeks, and then suddenly they become model citizens ready for release, but only if they agree that they were rightfully arrested?

I am truly not understanding all this? If the bikers were at blame here (which was implied by their arrest and detainment), why is it they are being released again? And why would the City and/or Police Department ask for a waiver of responsibility?

I don’t know who was to blame in this incident.  I was not there, but I will say two things about it. They should’ve held that meeting in a much more secluded place. If there was any thought of hostilities between clubs then a public forum where innocent people could be hurt was NOT the place to do it. Pick a place in the middle of West Texas where no innocent people would be present. And law enforcement seemed awfully overzealous in their efforts. Nine people dead, 170 people arrested and detained for more than two weeks? Again, I wasn’t there, but that seems like an awfully steep punishment for just being on the scene, at least in my eyes, considering the deal they are being offered. If they committed any “real” crimes, they would not be offering this deal.

All I know is if it were me, I wouldn’t be signing a damned thing.







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