Texas Police Change Major Detail In Story; SWAT Helped Eliminate Gunmen

Investigators work the crime scene outside of the Curtis Culwell Center following the May 3, 2015 shooting at a Muhammad cartoon contest event in Garland, Texas. (Ben Torres/Getty Images)

It seems there was a “mistake” made regarding some of the key details during the incident in Garland, Texas at the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon contest earlier this month. Police are now saying that it was the department’s SWAT team, and not the “lone” officer, who killed the two suspects.

The initial report stated it was an unnamed off-duty “patrol officer” who neutralized Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, with his handgun, but on Monday Garland Police Chief Mitch Bates revealed in a public statement that “new” details have surfaced, that provide a slightly different account of the incident.

In his statement, Bates said that the unnamed officer had indeed shot and wounded both Simpson and Soofi during the May 3rd attack, but… his shots did not kill them.  Members from their highly specialized and trained SWAT unit, arriving minutes after the incident began are responsible for the final termination of the terrorists, according to a Washington Post article.

“The Garland police officer returned fire with his duty pistol and wounded both suspects,” Bates said during a Monday press conference. “Within seconds, four members of the SWAT Tactical Response Team responded and also engaged both of the suspects, who continued their efforts to attack those at the location by retrieving additional weapons and ammunition.”

Bates goes on to say that the SWAT team was using assault rifles and duty pistols, and managed to dispatch both of the terrorists. “Dozens of rounds were fired by the suspects and the officers,” Bates stated.

He also stated that they later discovered that the suspects had three assault rifles, three pistols and hundreds of round of ammunition, both on their persons and inside their vehicle.

In his public statement, Bates also said that reports indicating that his department had information before the shooting that Simpson or Soofi might attack the event were “not accurate.” “No one … not the Garland Police Department, the FBI, the Texas DPS, nor any other agency had any information prior to the event that either suspect may target this event, No information was ‘missed’ or ‘ignored.’”

Many times the Mainstream Media will get stories “wrong” in their hurried efforts to report breaking news, and I will chastise those efforts every time, but the stories surrounding this particular incident, are in my own mind, raising a multitude of “red flags”.  I am trying to be as objective as possible in regards to these “little” details, but it seems there may be a lot of “CYA” (cover your ass) type reports being made here.

The Director of the FBI makes a public statement that they issued warnings “prior” to the attack, and the local Police Department denying any knowledge of “said” prior warnings, although of note, Chief Mitch Bates does mention that it would not have made any difference in how the situation was handled.

What really bothers me about this latest revelation is; for an entire week it seemed as though “everyone” including the Garland Police Department was celebrating the accomplishments of a “lone patrolman”, when they had to have known at the time of the incident, that the information being published was absolutely not correct.

If I could ask only one question regarding this newest revelation, it would be:

“If you knew at the time of the incident that SWAT played a “major” role (there is NO way that SWAT could have neutralized the two suspects who were still firing upon the crowd without everyone present not knowing, and it is not a minor detail that could have “simply” been left out), then WHY did you let the MSM continue to propagate an obvious lie?”

I have my theories of why this is happening now, but I would love to hear the explanation to my question above, first.




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Patrick James
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  2. I really doubt they have any intentions of getting the “real” story told…I do believe this is designed to take attention off of the patrol officer and onto the ‘swat team’instead..pehaps to avoid the officer being retaliated against. Garland at this point is going to simply deny things that don’t fit the narrative.


  4. I believe the purpose of changing the account is to ensure that The Almighty State is given credit. If it’s an off-duty officer? That proves that people carrying guns will have a chance to NOT depend on government for salvation. (Note the religious terms, they’re intentional. Statism is a religion.)
    If it’s an “expert” SWAT pig, then the need for more aggressive training, better weapons, more armor, etc, etc, etc, all to “protect” us from “ter’rists” – who would have much better things to do, if we kept our nose out of their countries.

    That’s PRESUMING it’s not just a “false flag” attack, or an “enabled” attack of some sort (genuine terrorists, armed by our government agencies, as with the bombing suspects they’ve radicalized and then arrested when the radicalized terrorists went to act on the plot the FBI had helped create.)

    This war is not meant to be won, just like the War on (some) Drugs and the War on Poverty. It is meant to enrich a few at the cost of the many, and our freedoms are just in the way of ensuring the money flows, and we stay slaves.

    If we had wanted to win the war, all we had to do was buy a few million baseball bats, and on 9/12 we land the population of New York in Saudi Arabia (as an example, we know they sponsor terrorism) – and let them loose, anything that moves is a target.

    You want to fight a war, you fight a f*cking war. You don’t turn your guns and surveillance inwards on the citizens, nor do you deny your armed forces the ability to shoot at anything suspicious, nor do you hold them to a “civilize” standard of warfare. War is war, the objective is to kill the enemy until he is unable to continue fighting. Hopefully that means there is no more enemy left. Than includes man, woman, and child, ESPECIALLY in an asymmetric war. We learned NOTHING from Vietnam, save to keep the journalists under closer watch (censored). WRONG LESSON. Correct lesson? The enemy is all around you. Kill all you can via bombing and remote means. Put boots on the ground to control the territory – AFTER nothing, including bacteria, can survive that bombing or bombardment.
    We do the reverse…. And our troops pay the price of politicians’ pandering to pussy American “morality” (which allows the viable unborn to be partially birthed, then murdered, and then cast aside as “medical waste” – but demands none of “our boys” come home in a body bag (ignoring those who come back missing parts, including their mind and soul). )
    Hypocrites of the lowest order. Cowards. Wish we could ID them by a genetic test, so we could euthanize them – they’re Homo Erectus, not human beings.
    But we have what we have, and the Sheep outnumber the Wolves, and reproduce faster – and these Sheeple use OTHER, “Domesticated” wolves to do violence on their behalf, against those they deem “predators” (other members of the flock, mind – not the REAL Wolves, who murder and rape and rob – those wolves are too dangerous for the “sheepdogs” to fight, we just victimize a civilized sheep a few times a day and enrich the “flock” – not you, me, or Joe up the street, we’re the sheep to be fleeced, by the Pigs/”sheepdogs.” It’s the REAL wolves, the politicos and “sheepdogs,” who profit…. )

    r/K selection theory, and basic human psychology. Nothing special, and nothing new. Rome, China, Germany all followed the same pattern, so did Soviet Russia and the UK… We’re just the latest to hit that point of no return.

    Unless we change the game, and stop playing THEIR game….

  5. This is going to get as much attention and be as believable as the new Pakistani narrative that they helped Obama kill an invalided bin Laden.

  6. Agree with the long post above. ‘Proportionate’ response is a way to get your troops killed and is a liberal way of killing them nicely. It is total bullshite as was demonstrated on the ground in 1944 in the East; you kill as many as possible, as quickly as possible; you gain and hold territory until there is none left to conquer. The word is ‘overwhelming’ force.

  7. Sounds to me like someone is trying to swoop in after the fact and steal the credit for the two terrorist kills.

  8. Avatar John Rassuli | May 14, 2015 at 1:44 pm |

    There was no “Crowd” the event was held inside the building, SWAT killed both muslimes before they could get past the security guard.

  9. Avatar John Rassuli | May 14, 2015 at 1:47 pm |

    Why isn’t the FBI and Media investigating the 1,000 ALQIADA/MUSLIME BROTHERHOOD MOSQUES in America, financing global murder and jihad everywhere including here???

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