Texas House Loosens Airport Laws For Gun Owners

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A bill that passed the Texas House of Representatives last Thursday would potentially forgive concealed handgun holders if they accidentally try to go through airport security with their handgun.

We all make mistakes, right? For many concealed carry permit holders, NOT having a handgun is unnatural. As you can imagine, such a combination is potentially disastrous for someone who is trying to board a plane, as it is a felony in Texas to attempt to carry a firearm through airport security – even if it wasn’t on purpose.

Republican Rep. Drew Springer’s bill would protect permit holders from being arrested if they are caught in security with a firearm and immediately leave the area.

If you recall, in 2013, Rep. Drew Darby was arrested after the TSA found a handgun concealed in his carry on luggage; an offense that is currently a felony in the state of Texas. Mind you, Texas also leads the nation in airport gun-confiscations, with more than 350 guns being confiscated in 2014 – approximately 1/5th of the Nation’s total of 2,214.

The bill will now head to the state Senate, but don’t be too surprised if nothing comes of the bills advancement. So far this year, a number of pro-gun-rights bills have been passed by the House, only to be shelved for extensive periods of time in the Senate.

With the current session coming to a close in just a few short months, this writer is certainly curious if the bill has any chance at all of making it to the Governor’s desk.

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  1. Avatar Kenn Honadle | May 18, 2015 at 4:43 pm |

    What about personal hand tazers?

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