Naked Teen Confronts Homeowner, Ends In Gunfire

Witnesses said the 17-year-old was running around his Hamilton Township neighborhood naked, screaming profanities./WTAE Action News 4

A home break-in in Warren county, Ohio ended with a homeowner firing shots.

The shooting happened Saturday, May 9th around 10:30 p.m. involving a local couple and the uninvited naked teen who entered their house.  The shooting left the woman in the home injured, as well as the teen who was shot outside after allegedly threatening and making sexual advances inside the home.

Detectives are still working out all the details surrounding the incident, which occurred on Murdock-Goshen Road in Warren county’s Hamilton Township.  Hamilton Township police stated they expect to file charges soon in connection with the somewhat bizarre home invasion gone awry.  The 911 call revealed that a naked suspect was running throughout a rural neighborhood shouting obscenities and trying to enter homes.

Witnesses stated that the teen was naked and acting irrationally, while running around shouting.  The police report states that the teen made his way into one of the homes and acted in an aggressive manner to a woman, and made sexually threatening remarks. He then fled the home and the woman’s husband shot him on the lawn with a shotgun, which is when his wife received wounds from some type of shrapnel.

The suspect was wounded and both he and the woman were transported for medical attention.  So far the police have not filed any charges in regards to the shooting.



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  1. Avatar David Ellis | May 13, 2015 at 10:43 pm |

    When you shoot some scum bag make SURE HE IS DEAD so WE don’t have to pay his medical and listen to his poor home life as a child in court !

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