Tallywackers, a Restaurant for Gay Men and Women Alike, Is Coming to Dallas Area

A male version of Hooters, aptly called Tallywackers, is reportedly opening in Dallas, Texas Credit: Tallywackers/Facebook

It was only a matter of time before a male oriented version of “Hooters” was born.  “Tallywackers” is set to launch in the affluent Oak Lawn district of Dallas, Texas.

Serving up glistening slabs of “beefcake” along with pizza, pasta and of course “hotdogs” (because those always go along with “Italian” fare).  The obvious “double entendre” will make many smile, yet some will be left wondering why some dudes “junk” is staring them in the face while ordering. Although the owners of Tallywackers picked a predominantly gay community for their location, their hope is to create an atmosphere that will cater to all demographics including the “ladies”.

I find it “hard” to believe that many will enjoy an environment of swinging genitals, although “Chippendales” did make an impression on a large demographic of “boy toy” enthusiasts. I do believe dining with “chef” and his “chocolate salty balls” might be going a bit too far, but who am I to discourage anyone from pursuing such an adventurous entrepreneurial enterprise.

Slated to open in May, the owners aim to make it an all-inclusive restaurant where women and men alike are encouraged to ogle the employees, although I’m sure the typical “no touchy” rule will still be in play.  It seems many women are supporting this new eatery with comments on Facebook such as: “I haven’t been here…but I think this is an AMAZING idea…women enjoy looking at ‘scenic views’ too!!!” one commenter wrote. “Heck yea!!!”

If Tallywackers is anything like the Inside Amy Schummer skit O’Nutters (seen below) it may shed a little light into what the Lemmon Avenue restaurant might bring to the community.  I would imagine that those who embarrass easily may not want to patronize this place, as for me… I’m planning to take a whole “passel” of my female friends to its Grand Opening just for the entertainment it promises to provide.



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