33 Year Olds: Continue Listening to New Music – It’s Good For Your Brain

In highly scientific study (read that as not scientific at all), Spotify data suggests that people stop listening to new music at age 33.

As a somewhat older than 33 year old, I can affirm that, had I not had a son that is fanatical about music, I would not have listened to new music much past my 30s, so the study does make sense. But, since it’s based on Spotify data, maybe the conclusions drawn are due to the fact that we old folks just don’t use Spotify that much.

Legendary Singer Percy Sledge Dies at 74

Legendary R&B singer Percy Sledge died today at 74. He is best know for his #1 pop and soul hit “When a Man Loves A Woman” released in 1966. The song earned a million-selling, Gold-certified disc.