South Carolina Permitless Carry Passes House 90-18

South Carolina House bill, H3025, just recently passed the second reading in the House, 90-18, and although it still has to pass a third reading, any amendments made during the third reading must pass unanimously. From the Facebook page of Alan Clemmons member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing District 107, since 2002 and co-author of the bill;

Please join me in saying thank you to the 90 members of the South Carolina House of Representatives who today, by a vote of 90 to 18, gave second reading to the Clemmons, Yow, Hixon South Carolina Second Amendment Empowerment Act (H3025), with an amendment by Rep Mike Pitts and myself to authorize permitless concealed carry by every South Carolinian who can legally purchase a handgun! The bill, as now amended, allows SC CWP holders to carry in 27 states (instead of the current 20) Including GA and opens the door to recognizing every state’s CWP. Additionally, the amendment authorizes every law-abiding South Carolinian who can legally purchase a firearm, to carry it concealed without a permit! The bill awaits third reading in the House next Tuesday and then passes to the Senate for consideration. Thank you to every member of the SC House who supports the Second Amendment!

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The bill is a “permitless” carry bill, and not a “constitutional carry” bill, allowing concealed carry without a permit, but not open carry. The bill will also expand upon reciprocity laws current in South Carolina, allowing for carry in all other states with concealed carry permits. South Carolina in one of only six states that prohibit open carry, Texas which does not allow for open carry of handguns (although open carry of long guns has been legal for some time), “may” become one of the next states to allow open carry “with” a license.

The South Carolina bill in part reads:

(A)    It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, except as follows, unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law: with the intent to use the handgun unlawfully against another person. The intent to use a handgun unlawfully against another person shall not be inferred from the mere possession, carrying, or concealment of the handgun, whether it is loaded or unloaded.

(B)    No person shall carry a handgun off of any real property the person occupies as a resident, owner, or lessee if the person is under twenty-one years of age or carries the handgun in a manner that openly exposes it to common observation, with the following exceptions:”

South Carolina Permitless Carry Passes House 90-18, will Gov Nikki Haley South Carolina sign it?

South Carolina Permitless Carry Passes House 90-18, will Gov Nikki Haley South Carolina sign it?

Governor Haley has already stated that she would sign a constitutional carry bill, so presumably she will sign a partial reform of the bill as well.

— S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley said Tuesday that she backs a proposal that would make it legal for most South Carolinians to carry guns – concealed or in the open – without a permit or the training that the state currently requires.

Legislators who are for this bill are still not certain it will be able to survive the Senate, as other constitutional carry bills have been introduced in years past by State Senator Lee Bright, R-Spartanburg and Senator Larry Martin, R-Pickens, but both were killed in committee.

By passing in the House, they believe it possible to circumvent the legislative powers of Senator Martin and his committee, although it may not be necessary because the bill does not allow open carry, which offends Senator Martin.

“You can carry a weapon openly if this bill is adopted and I’m offended by that,” said committee chair Sen. Larry Martin (R-Pickens).

They are saying that if the bill goes through Martin’s committee, he will strip out the permitless carry provision, then pass it on to the House for concurrence. If the House disagrees with his revisions, then it would go to a conference committee, composed of members that are appointed by the Speaker of the House.

If the Senate insists upon its amendment, a message is sent to the House listing the names of three Senators appointed to a conference committee. The Speaker of the House then appoints three members of the House to a conference committee. The six members meet and try to reach an agreement. If they agree, their report is sent to both bodies for adoption.

If this bill passes in its current condition and is signed into law by Governor Haley, it will create a new category of carry state; one in which you do not need a permit to carry concealed, but will not be allowed to carry openly.



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    Yea but as i expected,it died in the Senate.I was hoping it would pass thru but i didn’t think it would.

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