‘Slaughter The Pigs’: Armed Black Panthers Threaten Police in Texas

Image: Breitbart

An armed demonstration occurred in the city of Hemstead, Texas today in front of the Waller County jail where Chicagoan Sandra Bland committed suicide after being arrested.

A group of armed members of the New Black Panther Party marched on the Waller County Jail Wednesday afternoon chanting “The revolution is on… Off the pigs,” and “Oink Oink… Bang Bang!” The group of about fifteen Black Panthers exercised their First and Second Amendment rights. The group was met in Waller County by a large contingent of Harris County (Houston) Sheriff’s Office deputies.

In the full version of the recording, seen below, the group is heard chanting anti-police, anti-white rhetoric, much like the Black Panthers Party of the late 20th century.

In order to avoid a repeat of last weekend’s disturbance where protesters invaded the Sheriff’s Office foyer and engaged in disruptive behavior, Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to request assistance under a regional assistance agreement. Harris County sent in about seventy-five deputies including about ten horse mounted crowd-control deputies and approximately thirty crowd-control deputies in riot gear.

The Black Panthers marched into the street in front of the jail chanting “Whose streets?… Our streets!” Many of the members of the group were armed with shotguns, hunting rifles and AR-15 style rifles. Most looked like they were simply holding the weapon they were carrying. One of the “soldiers” took a more aggressive grip on his weapon, holding his rifle with his finger “indexed” slightly above the trigger. This can be considered a “ready” position in a shooting situation.

Local police also had a heavy presence in response to the armed protest just in case.

Image: Breitbart Texas

Image: Breitbart Texas

A representative of Breitbart Texas spoke with Harris County Sheriff’s Office Major Darryl Coleman after the protest had ended. “We came here to maintain the peace. Our job was to protect the law abiding protesters, the Waller County deputies and Waller County property. It looks like we did our jobs well.”

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  1. The black panthers are now and have always been a group of individuals motivated and inspired by hate. They use the threat or using violence to further thier only reason for thier existence. The only way to deal with these worthless excuses for humans is to respond in the same manner. I am not looking for a fight but I will not accept thier aggression I can and will bring the fight to them.

  2. If they are so concerned about black lives, why don’t they patrol the streets of Chicago and NYC and other cities (like the “Guardian Angels” used to do) where black gangs are shooting other blacks, including innocent children playing in their own yards?


  4. You should ask the Sheriff why, if it is against the law in Texas to openly carry in a “threatening manner” that these terrorists were not arrested and their weapons confiscated?

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