Shots Fired And Explosives Found At Dallas Police Department Headquarters, Police Chase And Stand-Off [VIDEO]

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Dallas, Texas – Just after midnight Saturday, June 13th, police sources say a suspect, or possibly multiple suspects, fired numerous shots at DPD headquarters from what appeared to be an armored van, they fired on officers and then led officers on a chase. The chase ended on Interstate 45 at Interstate 20, near Hutchins, TX. Interstate 45 was shut down and Dallas SWAT was called in.

Police surrounded the suspect’s van, more shots were fired and vehicles rammed before finally isolating the suspect van. Police report concerns that the van may contain explosives and have settled in to a stand-off and negotiations with the suspect/s.

Dallas Police Maj. Max Geron reported no known injuries from the initial encounter, but said that security at all police facilities has been increased as a precaution following the shootout.

During an early morning, 4 a.m. press conference, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that the suspect in the van was still negotiating with the police and have given his name as, James Boulware, although his identity had not yet been verified. Chief Brown went on the say that they believe there may be as many as four suspects involved that fired on police officers, possibly outside the van from an elevated location according to witness accounts. Also during the press conference, Chief Brown said that they had locate four suspicious duffel bags around the police headquarters facility and at least one had been confirmed by the bomb squad to contain pipe bomb type explosives. The headquarters area is being evacuated, as police search the area for more explosives, as well as other potential suspects that may have been firing on officers in the initial exchange. Officers are methodically searching the area with an eye towards potential ambush as they investigate the suspected explosives.

Alleged suspect in Dallas PD Shooting, James Boulware. (image source: Facebook)

Alleged suspect in Dallas PD Shooting, James Boulware.
(image source: Facebook)

EOD investigating two additional packages found since the press conference.

The suspect in the van, who has self-identified as James Boulware, though not verified, a James Boulware does have multiple family violence interactions with police in the past. Through negotiations, the suspect in the van blames police for the loss of his family, possible as a result of the past family violence complaints.

The stand-off continues as this is published, as does the explosives investigation, evacuation and search of the Dallas PD Headquarters area. Citizens are asked to avoid the area around the DPD HQ at 1400 S. Lamar St. and the surrounding area.


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