Sheriff Clarke: Why are we Surprised at Sub-Human Behavior in American Ghettos?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Photo provided by Friends of Sheriff Clarke.

Looking like he’s riding in to save the day, outspoken Milwaukee Sheriff, David A. Clarke, Jr. is publicly blasting the Baltimore rioters as well as the left-wing agenda he claims created the conditions for the “perfect storm” to blow up into violence.

The Fox News show “Your World with Neil Cavuto” has Clarke claiming that the liberal policies are to blame, not the accused drug dealer Freddie Gray.

“Like Baltimore, like Ferguson, like New York and many other areas where failed liberal government policies have led to high unemployment, chronic poverty, failing schools,” Clarke said. “This is what besets the Baltimore area. Ninety percent of the homicide victims in the Baltimore area are black as are ninety percent of the suspects. that’s a bigger problem than Freddie Gray.”

Sheriff Clarke added that he believes that the rioters under any other circumstance, wouldn’t care about Freddie Gray’s life.

“These individuals that are rioting and looting right now and throwing rocks and bottles do not know Freddie Gray, do not care about Freddie Gray,” he said. “If they were in a nightclub in Baltimore [they] would shoot and kill him for bumping into them on the dance floor. I am tired of this mealy mouth crap from politicians. They cause the conditions for a permanent underclass in America,” he tweeted before sending out another tweet moments later. “Why are we surprised at this sub-human behavior on display in American ghettos? Lib policies created the conditions.”

He is also blasting his opinions across the interwebs via Twitter as well;

I think it’s high time we start supporting the men and women who are willing to stand up and be heard.  Those who are willing to tackle the “status quo” and mainstream media without concern for their own careers.  This is a man whose integrity and honesty shines through the darkened skies of “political correctness” without concern for what many consider “cultural disadvantages”.  People do have choices.  You can either “whine” about the circumstances that keep you down and do nothing or you can work to change them.  Either way you choose, violent revolution will not solve the problems we are facing within our society.


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Patrick James
Patrick James
Patrick James has worked as a firefighter/EMT for several services throughout the years, as well as a custom metal fabricator, certified personal trainer and chef. Growing up in the rural suburbs of Detroit, it was during his frequent trips to Northern Michigan where he learned of his love for hunting and fishing. Spending several of his adult years in upstate South Carolina, his love of extreme sports took root in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains as he learned to rock climb and kayak. "Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and vanish into air." ~ John Quincy Adams

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  1. So when is this guy running for Congress!

  2. Never mind that there actually ARE instances of police brutality, murder, extortion all kinds of misconduct now there is a higher level of public awareness nah nevermind all that cause the message of police accountability for wrongs goes right out the window when people start looting.All you’ve done is made the police say see why we kill the sub humans? He’s black he can say it I guess .This just let’s the violence come out in the officers military like minds

    • Look at the policies and the culture in America today. People know more about celebrities and their lives than they do about their own government. I dare you to walk up to a high school senior and ask them for their opinion on this, or any other issue. They will most likely parrot what the media has said. Is there police brutality? Yes, there are instances. However, this doesn’t justify tearing apart someone else’s business, home, or dreams. There needs to be a look into this incident with the death of Freddie Gray, but the populace of these cities also need to know that if they truly wish to see justice, they must assemble peacefully. Rioting will only make them look like fools and accomplish nothing more than to perpetuate the impression that they are not truly seeking justice and instead are using one mans death, a family’s loss as an excuse to steal and break stuff.

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