Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Bowe Bergdahl Unfounded

A frame grab from the Taliban propaganda video released Dec. 25, 2009, purportedly showing U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl taken from a video made available by IntelCenter. IntelCenter via AP file

We’ve all heard the stories surrounding Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was charged with desertion after leaving his post in Afghanistan in 2009. Held captive by the Taliban for five years, Army officials are attempting to prevent “false reports” of sexual harassment, by announcing that he has not been accused of sexual harassment.

The officials announced to NBC News on Thursday that even though a female specialist at Fort Sam Houston in Texas made a unofficial complaint in February, indicating that Bergdahl harassed and stalked her, she never directly accursed him of sexual harassment.

During an informal inquiry, the two soldier’s commanding officer decided the allegations were not true. The female soldier accepted the informal hearings decision and did not file a formal complaint.

The woman had also accused Bergdahl of “unwanted contact and stalking, including leaving origami at her barracks door, showing up at her front door in a gorilla suit and hanging around her while she was on staff duty.”

During the informal inquiry, they found that Bergdahl often left origami for all of his fellow soldiers and that he often would often put on a gorilla suit and walk around the barracks.

The Army specialist claimed in one instance, that Bergdahl was stalking her one particular evening and watched her through the office window at Fort Sam Houston. Yet the inquiry found that Bergdahl was actually off-base having dinner with other soldiers who had been assigned as escorts when he left base.

Bergdahl had been assigned to administrative duties at “Fort Sam” in San Antonia, Texas last summer after a reintegration process following his release by the Taliban.

He is scheduled to appear for an Article 32 hearing at the base on charges of “deserting his post” in Afghanistan in June of 2009. He was captured and held hostage by the Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network for five years before Obama worked out the negotiation which included exchanging five high-ranking Taliban prisoners housed at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for the release of Bergdahl, back in May 2014.

Army officials are now stating that they believe the “false reports” that are currently being circulated, regarding Bergdahl’s behavior at Fort Sam are the direct result of his high-profile as well as the public’s interest in his “desertion” case.


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