Separating the Sheepdogs from the Herd – A Dangerous Proposition for Everyone

What happens when the herd is told stories about the sheepdog?  Stories that cause the herd to think the sheepdog is no longer needed.  Stories that make the herd think the sheepdog is a danger to them.

Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth was ambushed and killed while fueling a police car in Houston, TX. The investigation is not complete, but preliminary information from the Sheriff’s Department indicates the deputy was shot in the back, then the cowardly evildoer walked up to him and shot him more times while he laid on the ground.

The motivation for the shooting is not yet known.  However, this event, coupled with the espousing of gun-control rhetoric following the murder of two journalists, is cause for retrospection.  The gun-control coalition is using the murder as a jumping-off point to reintroduce gun-control into the political lexicon.  Ultimately, legislation will only significantly impact the law-abiding gun carrier and not the criminals such as those responsible for killing the deputy and the two journalists.

Especially as this country moves into the next election for President of the United States, citizens need to be concerned with statements such as those about the need for stricter gun-control (see the NoozSaurus article above) and this political rhetoric written by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on her Facebook page:

In the statement, Clinton makes remarks about law enforcement and civilians who carry guns.  These types of statements create a divisive rift within our country.  In contrast, what we need is a cultural shift to bring the country closer together around basic tenets this country was founded on and those which have kept us strong.

Communication that separates law enforcement and law-abiding gun owners from the community is unnecessary and dangerous. This creates a rift where those that can protect others are considered an out-group. This makes it easier for people to justify their actions including murdering others or passing laws that do not solve the real issues.

What happens to the herd when the sheepdog is separated from it? What happens to the herd when they are told the sheepdog is their enemy?  What happens?