Same-Sex Marriage And Jade Helm: Texas Stands Defiant In The Face Of Federal Governmental Power

Texas: It's Like A Whole Other Country (image source:

Texas has a long history of defiant independence and never more so than right now. Texas has it’s own independent power grid, Texas is planning to bring its gold back to an in-state depository, Texas (like many other states) has its own State Guard and Texas has the 12th Largest Economy in the world based on GDP (gross domestic product). Texas also has elected leaders who have no fear of speaking out and standing up to the federal government.

The recent Supreme court ruling on Same-Sex Marriage is no exception, both Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton have released statements excoriating the decision and vowing to protect the religious liberty and right of conscience of Texans.

“The Supreme Court has abandoned its role as an impartial judicial arbiter and has become an unelected nine-member legislature. Five Justices on the Supreme Court have imposed on the entire country their personal views on an issue that the Constitution and the Court’s previous decisions reserve to the people of the States.”

“Despite the Supreme Court’s rulings, Texans’ fundamental right to religious liberty remains protected. No Texan is required by the Supreme Court’s decision to act contrary to his or her religious beliefs regarding marriage.” – Gov. Gregg Abbott (Full Statement Here,

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had this to say in his statement;

“Pursuant to the Court’s flawed ruling, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas issued an injunction against the enforcement of Texas marriage laws that define marriage as one man and one woman and therefore those laws currently are enjoined from being enforced by county clerks and justices of the peace. There is not, however, a court order in place in Texas to issue any particular license whatsoever – only the flawed direction by the U.S. Supreme Court on Constitutionality and applicable state laws.

In the Attorney General’s opinion…

  • “County clerks and their employees retain religious freedoms that may allow accommodation of their religious objections to issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The strength of any such claim depends on the particular facts of each case.
  • “Justices of the peace and judges similarly retain religious freedoms, and may claim that the government cannot force them to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies over their religious objections, when other authorized individuals have no objection, because it is not the least restrictive means of the government ensuring the ceremonies occur. The strength of any such claim depends on the particular facts of each case.”

Texans are equally skeptical and defiant of the federal government’s use of the military within the state during the Jade Helm 15 military exercise. A recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll found that 39% of Texas voters approved of Gov. Abbott’s use of the State Guard to monitor Jade Helm activities, guard Texans’ safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties as well as keep the public informed regarding Jade Helm activities. Though the Governor received a lot of criticism from “the media” for supporting “conspiracy theories” with his decision, Texans are much more inclined to agree with the move. Those who identified themselves as “Tea Party Republicans” had an approval rating of 85% in support of the Governors actions. More importantly, these tea partiers that approved so highly also had been “paying attention to the issue” unlike the majority of those surveyed.

Texas voters’ suspicions about the federal government and its use of the military don’t stop at war games, the survey found.

Asked whether federal military intervention is likely in certain circumstances, large numbers said yes. A majority said military intervention is “very” or “somewhat” likely to arrest political protesters, and 50 percent said it is likely that the feds would send the military to violate citizens’ property rights. Smaller but significant numbers said the military would likely be used to impose martial law (44 percent) and to confiscate firearms from citizens (43 percent).

As they say, “Texas, it’s like a whole other country” and many Texans still retain that independent streak and distrust of the federal government.

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