Royals & White Sox Bench Clearing Brawl

Public Domain

Tonight’s White Sox and Royals game boiled over in the bottom of the Seventh when a bench clearing brawl forced Umpires to eject five players. Consequently, both Teams starting pitchers – Yordano Ventura of the Royals and Chris Sale of the White Sox were ejected. Three other players were also ejected: White Sox pitcher Jeff Samardzija and Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez and outfielder Lorenzo Cain.



The benches cleared immediately following an exchange of words between Adam Eaton of the White Sox and Yordano Ventura of the Royals. Alternate camera angles later revealed the mutual exchange of obscenities, seemingly started by Eaton.

Unlike other ‘arguments’ the Royals have found themselves in, the altercation with the White Sox quickly escalated as punches were thrown and players and staff were pushed to the ground. At one point the altercation had calmed down but it did not last as White Sox Pitcher Samardzija charged – and missed – Royals Outfielder Lorenzo Cain; instead of hitting Cain, Samardzija knocked over coach Mike Jirschele.

Both teams were said to have bad blood coming into tonight’s series opener. Earlier on, Jose Abreu was hit with a pitch thrown by Ventura. White Sox Pitcher Chris Sale hit Royals players Moustakas with one out to go in the fifth inning.

This is not the Royals first issue with other teams this season. They had notable altercations with two California teams, the Oakland Athletics and the LA Angels. The season is still young so you can expect much more from where this came from.