Robbery Suspects Beat Store Clerk With Rock; Wait, They Can Use Things Other Than Guns?

Photo courtesy South Jourdan Police Department | Three men were being sought Thursday, July 9, 2015 in the robbery and beating of a South Jordan store employee.

Three male suspects entered The Smoke Shop, in South Jordan, Utah at approximately 12:35 p.m. on Monday. They forced the employee into the back of the store, where one of the suspects proceeded to beat the man with a “rock”, causing multiple head, face and jaw fractures.

The three men then took an undisclosed amount of cash and fled, leaving the victim for dead. The employee was hospitalized and is recovering following surgery.

“These suspects showed they were not afraid to use force against the victim, making them very dangerous. Next time these suspects could escalate to the use of firearms and taking a life,” said South Jordan police spokesman Sam Winkler.

Suspect No. 1 is described as a white male in his 20s, with dark hair, a thin goatee and mustache. He was wearing a tank top with red, white and blue colors, as well as stars; blue jeans, black shoes and a baseball cap. Winkler said this suspect also sported a large tattoo on his right arm.

Suspect No. 2, also a white male in his 20s, had long light brown or blond hair and was clad in a beanie-style cap, black T-shirt with an elephant logo, gray jeans and black shoes.

Suspect No. 3, again a white male in his 20s, had dark hair and a full beard, wore a gray beanie cap with white stripes, a black shirt and tan pants.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call SJPD at 801-840-4000.

So three people force a store clerk into a back room and beat him nearly to death, and none of them had a firearm. So what the criminals are saying is; “I don’t “need” a gun to perpetrate a crime or hurt somebody”. Which is completely different from what the “gun control” politicians and media whores are trying to make you believe. Why is it that people could possibly believe that “guns kill”?

Fear is the number one answer here. Fear of the unknown. These people have had zero experience with firearms, which makes them believe that nobody else (other than law enforcement) have the capability to proficiently use them. Add to that the small amount of “yo-yo” firearms users out there who do dumbass things, that the media uses to make the majority look bad, creating the perfect media propaganda to frighten the sheep.

So many people today have lost their “common sense” or are gullible enough to swallow everything the media is shoveling into the “slop trough”. We cannot stop the dumbasses from doing dumbass things with guns, no more than we can stop a criminal from perpetrating a crime, but we can stop swallowing everything we’re being fed.  We have to start looking at all of this with just a little bit of “common sense”. Not every gun owner is irresponsible. Not every firearm will be used to kill. And “removing all the guns” will NOT stop people from killing people.

Wake up… and start using your brain to reason these things out, instead of letting your heart lead the way!



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Patrick James
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