Republican TV Personality Supports Hillary Clinton

Steve Terrell -

TV personality Duane Chapman – aka Dog the Bounty Hunter (DBH) – is well-known for his show where he chases criminals and bail jumpers alike. His show had a decent following during its eight season run on A&E, the network known for its hit show Duck Dynasty. Despite the right leaning politics of those on Duck Dynasty Dog the Bounty Hunter has chosen to support Hillary in 2016. The story just gets stranger.

What you may not know about Dog is that he considers himself to be a republican. A republican who supports Hillary. Confused yet? Many conservatives would argue that Dog should be trying to put Clinton in prison for her roll in the 9/11/12 events in Benghazi, Libya which led to the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 others.

The strangeness continues… What could be stranger than a ‘republican’ TV personality supporting Hillary Clinton for President? Dog checked that box too, by announcing his support for Clinton while taking part in a live during a Fox News panel discussion.


From IJReview:

“I want someone in there with experience. We’re at war,” he said. “I am a Republican, but I have faith in the dynamic duo.” By “dynamic duo,” the infamous TV bounty hunter meant the Clintons.

Co-host Kennedy wasn’t thrilled with his decision to back the Clintons, adding that it made her “so sad.” She continued:

“I love everything about you. I think you are powerful and heroic, but the fact you are endorsing Hillary Clinton, it makes me sadder than ‘The Notebook.’”

Chapman did not go as far as to officially endorse Hillary, it is disheartening to see where his intentions truly lie. We simply cannot quite understand how a republican could endorse a progressive democrat like Hillary.

The number of republicans who have announced their intention to run for office certainly makes it hard to decide just which republican to support. With that said, how any ‘republican’ could support Hillary Clinton in 2016 is beyond comprehension.