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The North Carolina Legislature is moving to join hands with South Carolina as both states swiftly move to advance Pro-Gun legislation.

N.C. House Bill 562 was scheduled to be heard and vetted by the House Rules Committee early Wednesday morning. According to a summary of the bill, the bill contains measures relating to doctors and firearms-related questions that they can ask.

Michael Bloomberg’s group, Moms Demand Action and the Pro-Gun group, Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) squared off on Tuesday, both pressuring lawmakers to vote one way or the other.

The anti-gun side took issue with a provision of the omnibus bill that serves to repeal the state’s handgun (purchase) permitting system. The bill serves to end the permitting system, effective in 2021.

In addition, the bill also serves to further define (until 2021) the few reasons a sheriff can use to deny a purchase permit application. It would also allow federally licensed firearms dealers to sell a handgun to someone without a pistol purchase permit if they run a background check independent of the sheriff.

Current North Carolina law requires individuals to obtain a permit before purchasing a handgun from a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer; handguns cannot be sold via private sale. Rifles and shotguns are not regulated by current legislation and can be sold via private sale. There is no background check requirement for private sales of long-guns in North Carolina.

“We have 100 sheriffs and 100 sets of issuing criteria,” GRNC President Paul Valone said in a recent news conference. “We feel the point-of-purchase background check more than offsets any other provisions.”

On the flip side, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, a group funded by Anti-Gun Billionaire Michael Bloomberg (the former Mayor of New York City) held a news conference during which they said, “This law has been the important backbone of public safety in here North Carolina, keeping guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers and the severely mentally ill,”

Pro-Second Amendment Advocates argue that Moms Demand Actions’ stance does not protect citizens, offering an overwhelming number of examples of states with low crime-rates that also have less restrictive gun control laws.

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  1. Two things they mentioned has been legal in SC for a long time.The private sale of handguns and buying a gun from an FFL dealer without a gun permit. Some say it’s quicker with a gun permit but it’s not.If they have to call to ck your background they will be done,before you finish the paperwork.

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