Police ID And Arrest Teen Who Injured A Toddler In Viral Video Attack [VIDEO]


If you haven’t heard about this story, we reported on it a few days back stating it was one of most senseless acts of violence against a child that I’ve ever seen recorded. This is the problem with America. It’s not a race issue, it’s a hatred issue. This type of wanton disregard for a child’s welfare, no matter the age (the girl was a 13 year-old) is incredibly disturbing, but finally Police in Rowlett, Texas say they have ID’d the girl in the video and issued a warrant for her arrest, and as of 14 hours ago, she has been arrested and taken into custody.

Although initially the girl and her guardian went into hiding, attempting to escape from the legal ramifications of her actions, we have been informed by the Rowlett Police dept. that the family was making arrangements to deliver the suspect to them, but as of 14 hours ago, she was taken into custody.

From our understanding the girl will be facing felony charges for child endangerment during the June 19th attack which took place at Herfurth elementary school in Rowlett, which is a suburb of Dallas. Also of interest to at least this author, is that this is only about 30 minutes away from the McKinney location where a “crashed” pool party spun out-of-control, bringing out hordes of protesters and raising racial tensions throughout the metroplex.

The video (which I have included with this article as well as a local news story) went viral after the June 26th Noozsaurus article was posted and went viral via the Facebook page Cold Dead Hands, as the readers shared the article hundreds of thousands of times across the social media outlet because of the intense brutality of the attack.

You can hear the attacker telling the victim to “get up” and to “keep your mouth closed”, just prior to her vicious attack. You can see in the video that the attacker grabs her victim (who is holding a small toddler in her arms) by the hair, pulling her from the chair, while the baby tumbles to the ground. She continues the onslaught as she drags the victim by the hair across the ground, punching and kicking her as the young girl is heard crying and screaming in the background.

The Rowlett police stated that the young girls did know each other, but were not friends and that the attack was unprovoked.  Lt. David Nabors from the Rowlett PD said the that toddler suffered lacerations and abrasions, but that she did not suffer a concussion during the fall. The injuries sustained by the child will make the charges a third-degree felony under Texas law.

Here is what the Rowlett PD posted on Saturday in regards to the attack and viral video :

An update on the assault involving the toddler – the suspect has been identified and a warrant has been issued for her arrest. Because she is 13 years old, the law prohibits us from releasing her identity. The suspect and her guardian are aware of the warrant and have chosen to go into hiding. We are continuing the investigation and are actively attempting to locate the suspect. If you have information that would help locate her, please call the Rowlett Police Department at 972-412-6201. Please understand that the procedures we must follow in real life investigations take time. Be assured that we will locate the suspect.

Although Rowlett Police Detective Cruz Hernandez is denying racial motivation for the attack, stating that the victim was bi-racial, the recent racial tensions felt across the Dallas metroplex has definitely caused some problems in all areas of Texas.

I’m just happy I wasn’t present during this attack, or I might have gotten in some trouble with the law. This young girl certainly needs a bit more discipline in her life, maybe her actions here will save her a lot of future pain. And thankfully nobody had to get seriously hurt for her to learn that lesson.



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Patrick James
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  1. Avatar robert severson | June 29, 2015 at 5:06 pm |

    Niggers acting like animals whats new?

  2. This was all about race. It is a HATE CRIME and the girl should be charged with a 1st degree felony. Min sentence should be 10 years no parole. This is always black on white and if you think you can live with them your a bigger fool than obama.

    • Avatar jake the snake | July 1, 2015 at 4:21 pm |

      if people knew how much black on white crime thats happining and not reported on nightly news maybe the silent majority might take action

  3. It’s funny…. It wasn’t racist the attacker is african american.

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  5. Avatar sherrie murphy | June 29, 2015 at 8:43 pm |

    that young girl is evil and the people filming it should also be charged. the young people today have no respect for anything or anyone. it is tragic

  6. My question is are they planning on filing any charges on the bystanders? If you listen to the audio there was a lot of instigation going on and the bystanders definitely knew something was going to happen yet did nothing. Doesn’t that make them somewhat responsible also?

  7. NAPA’s acting like animals! Rabid animals get put down! And this one is a candidate for that!

  8. If I had been there I would have opened fire the minute that child hit the ground. If you act like an animal you will be treated as an animal!

  9. Stupid bitch

  10. Avatar jake the snake | July 1, 2015 at 4:17 pm |

    thank goodness it was a white girl and baby! if it was the other way around it would have made national headlines HATE CRIME ON INOCENT BLACK STUDENT!!!

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