PATRIOT GUARD: Man W/ AR15 Stands Guard Outside Recruitment Center [VIDEO]

Image: WTTG-TV

Winchester, VA 

Members of the US Military at a Virginia recruitment center became eerily aware of a man armed with a AR-15 in the wake of Thursday’s shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Image: WTTG-TV

Image: WTTG-TV

But all was well…

The man, who wished to remain anonymous had come to stand guard and protect the servicemen who are prohibited from carrying firearms at the recruitment centers. In a statement to a local news station, the man said;

“People need to call their congressmen, they need to call their senators, and they need to change the laws on the books so these guys can protect themselves,” he told the news station.

Image: WTTG-TV

Image: WTTG-TV

The man said he had received a warm welcome from the individuals at the Winchester, VA recruitment office, telling the news station [WTTG-TV] that he has had many visitors, some even brought him lunch in addition to thanking him for his support.

“I was received with handshakes and thank you. They came by. And not only did they come by, their wives came by, in tears, thanking me for just being out here,” he told WTTG. “They brought cookies for me. They brought lunch.”

He said police had previously come by “doing their duty.”

“It was all good,” he said.

The man said that while he is not a veteran of the armed forces, he thankful for those who have given their lives to secure his freedom

“We need to know what our rights are and not let anyone take them away. There are too many people who died for these freedoms,” he told WTTG.

Earlier report from Noozsaurus:

Six people are confirmed dead, including four Marines and the sole gunman, following shooting at two separate military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A local police officer was also shot and wounded, suffering non-life threatening injuries.

The shooting began at around 11 a.m. at U.S. Naval Recruiting on Lee Highway, where a white male suspect is believed to have fired in rapid succession for a period of minutes, then sped away in a silver Mustang.

Smith said the suspect then drove about seven minutes to the U.S. Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway. That’s where it’s believed that a police officer and four Marines were shot.

A Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter heard two shots fired in the nearby woods, where it’s believed that the shooter was taken down.

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