Pastor Shoots Intruder At Texas Church

Image: ABC13

With churches being targeted by criminals, it is great to see pastors taking the necessary steps to protect themselves and their congregation.

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) – A burglar in Texas messed with the wrong pastor Tuesday. Baytown police say the man kicked in the door of The Church of New Beginnings early and attempted to steal a number of valuables including a laptop.

“We have church break-ins here in the city of Baytown,” said Pat Holmes. “But ours had never been broken into. Unfortunately today was the day.”

Surveillance video shows the man breaking through the door of the church around 6pm. Little did the burglar know that Pastor Benny Holmes was sleeping inside, and that he was ready to defend himself and the church.

Awakened by someone moving around in the church, Pastor Holmes grabbed his gun.

“I commanded him to stop twice, and he didn’t. So fearing for my life, I did what I had to do.”

Last September, the good Pastor caught a 52-year-old woman who had allegedly stolen a number of UPS packages off of porches in the area. She was trying to steal from his front porch, and he held her at gunpoint until police arrived to arrest her.

What could be considered the most surprising part of what happened this time around may be what happened while Blue was lying on the ground in his own blood.

“I led him through the sinner’s prayer while he was on the floor,” Pastor Holmes says. “He repeated the sinner’s prayer after me. And that was about it. I’m going to go visit him.”

Criminals beware! Armed Citizens are taking this country back and we won’t be a victim. When you plan your next crime, stop and think, are you feeling lucky today?