Royals & White Sox Bench Clearing Brawl

The benches cleared immediately following an exchange of words between Adam Eaton of the White Sox and Yordano Ventura of the Royals. Alternate camera angles later revealed the mutual exchange of obscenities, seemingly started by Eaton.

Judge rules against Norman Music Festival’s ‘No Gun’ Policy

It seems that Oklahoma judges are taking their constitutional rights a bit more seriously lately, as Judge Thad Balkman rules in favor of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association request for a restraining order against the Norman Music Alliance and City of Norman’s “no-gun” policy during the Norman Music Festival.

Exercise readies SOF for threats abroad

As our government prepares forces for an unprecedented domestic “multi-state” exercise called Jade Helm 15, it leaves many citizens wondering what they can expect…

Ted Cruz Speaks Out Against Attorney General Nominee

After months of debate, President Obama’s Attorney General Nominee, Loretta Lynch, was approved by the Senate today. One of Ms. Lynch’s greatest opponents (second only to the American people) and Republican Presidential hopeful, Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX) had this to say.

Bruce Jenner: Dude Looks Like A Lady

Just days before Bruce Jenner, Olympic decathlon gold medalist and man in transition, sits down with Diane Sawyer the long range lenses of the paparazzi catch what may be a prequel to that interview.

Air Strikes In Yemen: Saudi-led Coalition Bombs Southern Yemen

A coalition led by Saudi Arabia has initiated air strikes on Houthi positions in the southern part of Yemen. The airstrikes result from a long line of events, ultimately stemming from the December collapse of the Yemeni Government after being overthrown by Shiite Rebels.

Vaccines and Autism: New Study Released

A new study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources has just released their findings on Vaccines and Autism…