One Shot from 11 Year-Old’s Handgun Stops Home Invasion

On September 3rd, an 11 year-old boy was at home with his 4 year-old sister when he was faced with a situation no child should have to face, but is becoming more common in today’s world.
The information concerning the case seems consistent so far:

  • Two people attempted to forcibly enter the home.
  • The 11 year-old was home with his four year-old sister.
  • The 11 year-old had access to a handgun.
  • The handgun was reportedly purchased as protection for the family.
  • On the third attempt, entry was made by one of the two home invaders.
  • One shot was fired, striking the invader in the head, and ending the threat.
  • The second invader ran and was caught a short time later.
  • There is one slightly different account. A neighbor said she saw the perpetrator and victim arguing and the perpetrator “never entered the house.”
  • The invader was located inside the home upon police arrival.

From the reports, it appears some preliminary analysis can be conducted.

  1. The invader was given opportunities to leave and did not.
  2. The invaders did not appear to be welcome.
  3. The invader gained access.
  4. Police did not arrive until well after the situation had ended.
  5. The neighbor, although witnessing what she said was an “argument,” did not call the police.
  6. Police were not called until after the shot was fired.
  7. The victim had control of the handgun.
  8. The outcome of the invasion would have been different if the victim was not armed. Precisely how it could have ended is obviously unknown, but a threat to the 11 year-old and his four year-old sister would have continued.
  9. Some reports are focusing on the fact the kids were home without supervision, although there is no legal guidance requiring a babysitter be of a particular age. The maturity of the babysitter is the main consideration.

The basic premise of this event is that invaders attempted to forcibly enter a home, police did not arrive until after the threat ended, witnesses did not call police about the incident until afterwards, and a handgun was a force multiplier used to stop the threat.


2 Comments on "One Shot from 11 Year-Old’s Handgun Stops Home Invasion"

  1. Avatar Steve Gehrman | September 5, 2015 at 5:57 pm |

    Thank goodness the kid’s parents took the time & made the effort to teach the 11 y.o. about firearm safety AND use/operation. The neighbor who WITNESSED but did NOT call IMMEDIATLEY sounds like a real “prize package”.
    Granted, some people might consider 11 too young to be left home alone but THAT is a choice best left up to the parents, NOT the courts, NOT the government and NOT the media.

  2. the damn trashy ass thug picked the wrong house sorry the eleven year old had to do it but thank god he/she was able to protect himself/herself and the younger sibling and as for the neighbor/witness why didnt they call for help

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