New Study Reveals More Guns, Less Murder

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A new report from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) has caused a minor uproar in gun control circles. The data relating to the number of gun permits and the murder reveals that gun rights advocates may have had it right all along. More Guns, Less Murder.

The study examined permits, concealed carry permits, gender, race and geography. The conclusions show that there is a large increase (the highest ever) in the amount of people applying for and receiving permits. The statistics show that for every 1% increase in the number of permit holders, there is a corresponding decrease in the murder rate of 2.5%!

To many, this may appear to be more of a coincidence, but when you consider who is actually getting all of these new permits, the picture becomes much clearer. The amount of women applying for and being granted permits has risen to a rate of 326%. And the number of black people with permits actually increased 30% faster than the rate at which white people obtained permits. Keeping in mind the disproportionate amount of black people dying by homicide in the United States, the fact that more of them have legal guns is likely a factor in the drop in murder rate (this is especially true in areas of high poverty).

Studies from 2015 show that States that have “permitless carry” laws (or Constitutional Carry Laws) actually have a far lower hand gun murder rate. In fact, three of the top five safest States allow citizens to carry without permits. Since 2015, seven new states have passed permitless Constitutional Carry legislation.

After Arizona adopted permitless carry in 2010, the murder rates (which had previously been rising began to drop. They actually dropped far faster than the national average and despite a slight increase in the national murder rate, Arizona has continued to drop.

The same is true in Alaska; after they adopted the permitless carry law in 2003, the murder rate up until 2008 dropped by 35%. It continues to drop today and is well below the national average.

Every State allows the carrying of firearms now, ranging from concealed carry with a permit to full permitless open or concealed carry. Some States retain more control over the giving of permits, the fees, and the required amount of training to be legally able to do so. None of the States that have permitless carry require training time or fees, but offer the option of permits with those requirements for reciprocity. Whereas States like California charge over $300 and demand 16 hours of training. There is (as of yet) no evidence that suggests the imposition of fees and training has done anything to lower the murder rate.

All respected information and evidence shows that when guns, and the carrying of guns, becomes a part of everyday life, the “urge to use” seems to disappear. Many suggest that it is the “coolness” and the “unavailability” that encourages youngsters to treat a gun as something subversive, and this can lead to deaths. When guns are open and respected, all of society is safer. The pro-gun adages would appear to be more than just cliches, as gun ownership and carry rise they are proving to be true. More Guns, Less Murder. An armed society is a polite society. Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

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