New Law Allows Teachers To Carry Guns In Oklahoma Schools [Video]

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A paradigm shift is occurring in the attempt to curb or control unwanted, unnecessary and now, unsolicited violence in public schools. Oklahoma once again seems to be blazing the way toward another solution to protect our children, without infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.  A solution that has many people choosing sides.

By next school year, teachers will be allowed to carry the “staff” that can protect their flock of underage students from the wolves intent on committing heinous acts of violence. Of course there many naysayers who are speaking out against armed teachers.

“I think it’s dangerous. I don’t think they should be allowed to have guns in the school unless you’re a cop on duty,” Sharon Pullen, a Oklahoma parent, said.

“Yea I think it’s great to have at least one person in there with a gun. That way if there is an armed person that comes in there’s at least one person that can save the day,” Parent Denika Givens said.

State Representative Jeff Coody said that not “just” anyone will be allowed to bring a loaded weapon on campus, only employees that are chosen by the school district will be packing “heat”. They will also be required to obtain the necessary permits or licensing need to carry as well as proper training.

He continues by saying this new law could especially benefit smaller communities that do not have a large, or if any Police force.

“If that worse case situation occurs, there is the potential for an armed response on the part of the school to stop a perpetrator with deadly intent,” Rep. Coody said.

Drummond School District Superintendent Dr. Mike Wood said that allowing his teachers to carry will be something that is discussed within his district.

“To specifically state that we would do this, I think we would, if it was right. I do believe it’s something that will help schools,” Dr. Woods said. He also points out that the law could deter crime. I think just the idea that there could be somebody here that is armed can cause folks that are considering some sort of nefarious act to maybe reconsider that,” Dr. Woods said.

As of right now, the decision of allowing faculty members to carry a firearm is up to the individual school districts.

Several of them have been asked by local News Channel 4 KFOR if they will be allowing their “shepherds the opportunity to truly protect their flocks” of which the response from many such as that from Edmond Public Schools who replied with; We have not discussed it yet to the Oklahoma City Public School system who sent out the following statement;

“The Oklahoma City Public School District Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for the safety of district students and staff.  Current OKCPS board policy prohibits the possession and/or carrying of dangerous weapons by students, employees, or others either in a vehicle or about the person while on district property, at a school-sponsored activity, or on a school bus.  If necessary, OKCPS will make adjustments to ensure continued compliance with applicable laws and the absolute safety of all students and staff.”—Brandon Carey, OKCPS Legal Counsel



Whether you agree with “armed teachers” or not, one has to admit that it “could” prevent some of the senseless random acts of violence that has been perpetrated against our students. If for only one reason; the appearance of power can and does make an attacker think twice about perpetrating a crime. For example; it is much less likely for a bank robber to attempt a robbery of a bank that has 30 visibly armed security guards, versus a bank with none.

When parents drop their kids off at school, it is with the understanding that they have the reasonable expectation of picking them up in the afternoon, unharmed. How do we prevent random acts of violence in our schools without infringing upon the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens? By making sure “good people can defend and protect against bad people.”


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    anyone in the year 2015 that opposes licensed trained gun carrying teachers or staff in our schools is a. braindead b. a moron c. a democrat

  2. “ISRAELI TEACHER WATCHES OVER STUDENTS AT SCHOOL” Because she was trained during Mandatory military service. This is something that should be done in the U.S. 2 years Mandatory service after high school or college, whichever applies. NO concientious objectors! If you want to be a citizen, then be willing to fight for and protect your country.

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