New Hampshire State House Approves True Constitutional Carry

The New Hampshire Statehouse in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

The New Hampshire State House of Representatives is making a statement today as they voted to adopt SB 116, or legislation more commonly referred to as Constitutional Carry. The bill if becomes law, would repeal the licensing requirement for carrying a concealed handgun.  The House voted today 212-150, and the State Senate had passed it on to them with a vote of 14-9.

If the state’s Governor Maggie Hassan signs it into law, New Hampshire would join Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont as true Constitutional Carry states, although the chances of her doing so diminished greatly as she announced just prior to the vote by the House, that she would veto SB 116 if it passed.

Derek Dufresne, a spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

“A majority in both the New Hampshire State Senate and State House have now proven to their constituents that they stand with them in fierce protection of their Second Amendment rights. Granite States believe that law-abiding gun owners should not be saddled with onerous requirements limiting their rights, and we commend both chambers for recognizing that.  While today’s vote moves New Hampshire another step closer towards a day where lawful individuals do not have to seek out a government permission slip to act on a right the Constitution clearly dictates, it already appears that Governor Maggie Hassan plans to put up a roadblock in front of progress. We are incredibly disappointed in our governor’s decision to once again put her own political career and the voices of liberal extremists in Washington D.C. ahead of her New Hampshire constituents.”

Here is Governor Maggie Hassan’s Press Release issued earlier today:

“New Hampshire’s current concealed carry permitting law has worked well for nearly a century – ensuring the Second Amendment rights of our citizens while helping to keep the Granite State one of the safest states in the nation. Law enforcement, as well as citizens across New Hampshire, have strong public safety concerns about allowing people to carry concealed guns without a license and oppose removing the protections that the licensing process offers to help ensure that potentially dangerous individuals are not allowed to carry hidden weapons.

“Our permitting system gives an important oversight role to local law enforcement, while allowing for appeals through appropriate channels. In his book Live Free or Die, Republican Governor Mel Thomson said that the current permitting process for concealed carry is ‘a sensible handgun law that leaves the issuance of handgun permits to the discretion of [local law enforcement]’.  That is as true today as it was then. By passing Senate Bill 116, the legislature would be taking a step away from our tradition of common-sense gun laws, and I intend to veto this measure if it passes.”

It seems to me that if you are for this bill, there is still much work to do in regards to convincing your Governor of what the constituents of New Hampshire expect her to do.  Otherwise, it appears she is going to disregard all the work her House and Senate have put into reviewing and passing this bill on to her, simply because she doesn’t believe the residents of New Hampshire truly want that particular freedom.


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  1. the governor vetoes it remind her that the people voted on it but people have spoken and then you have no choice but to run around the office. it’s against the law to deny a person there federal rights???
    just something to think about.

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