N.J. Court Rules Domestic Violence Allegations Enough to Deny Gun Permit

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Domestic Violence and guns are two things that do not seem to belong in the same sentence.  Many gun-control advocates would have you believe that a vast amount of murders have been perpetrated using a firearm during “crimes of passion”, but it is simply not true.  Of course they “do” happen, but they are not as common as one would think.

We are now seeing a trend in the state court systems that are preemptively taking away “gun rights” before a crime has even been commited or a conviction has been ruled upon.  The New Jersey court of appeals has just recently ruled that simply being accused of domestic violence is all that is needed to deny gun ownership rights.

A three panel court of appeals with Judges John Kennedy, Amy O’Connor and Jose Fuentes all seated, denied an application for gun ownership, upholding a previous decision by the Aberdeen chief of police and the Monmouth Country Superior Court.  All three cited previous accusations of domestic violence in 1998, which he was later acquitted for.  The police chief stated that the reoccurence of visits by his officers to the home between 2003-2011 for domestic dispute calls, made his decision for him.

Judge John Kennedy made this statement after the ruling came down; “The presence of a firearm in such a household enhances the potential for such a reaction to become lethal,”

“I am unaware of any other state where someone who has been acquitted can still be denied their constitutional right to purchase a handgun and keep it in their home.” said Evan Nappen, Z.L.’s attorney.

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Patrick James
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  1. simply solution, move the heck out of that oppressive state

  2. *simple solution

  3. What happened with Innocent until proven Guilty as our Constitution states!

  4. He was proven innocent! I hope this guy takes this all the way to the Supreme Court. he needs to contact the NRA for assistance.

  5. Avatar Larry Faulkner Sr | April 25, 2015 at 12:55 am |

    When a Judge rules against Constitution is unlawful.That Judge isn’t fit to Judge a Fat Ass compution on a Naked Beach.Someone please lift this idiots Rowb to see if he still has his balls attached.

  6. Well, I have been seeing all these videos of cops committing domestic violence against the citizens for months now, why are they allowed to have guns? To have laws in place for some but not all is unconstitutional in itself. I don’t care what the circumstances are, the cops are using way too much force to enforce laws. If someone is subdued why beat the shit out of them, why slam them on the ground and cause serious injury and or even death? Because they are arguing with you? Maybe even a little resistance, cmon, you can’t handle that officer? If I did that, it is called domestic violence, but it is supposed to be understood as part of their job. Like they get paid and have special treatment because they are cops but are not required to handle it with more patience than just anybody? They need to choose another profession if they can not handle the job. And this domestic violence negating your gun rights is not a new development. They have been doing this since before the turn of the century. It is a stupid law in the sense if you have a simple argument it is construed as domestic violence. And not with just your significant other. You should not be denied to purchase own and carry any firearm if you have committed no violent crime with a gun. Do you know if you call someone a name it is domestic violence? Basically, if you are anything but perfect, you are a felonious criminal and deserve to lose your rights, and not just by being arrested,, but forever held in the penalty box. Cops abuse their wives and girlfriends too and also others. But their comrades look at it as, hey, they are just having an argument, but you or I do not get that respect. Not defending spousal abuse or the abuse of anyone, whether physical, verbal, mental or emotional, but c’mon you guys, none of us are perfect and we all get mad at some point and two people who love each other sometimes may call each other a name. And sometimes a guy deserves a slap for saying something out of line to a woman, does it hurt you emotionally and mentally forever? No, gets your ass back in line. You and this law whoever “you” can be determined as anyone, needs to quit with all this wimpified nonsense and calling it domestic violence. It is another form of abuse perpetrated against the citizens by those whom title themselves as law officers. It is abuse of power, and a gross abuse of it when you take a persons constitutional rights away indefinitely even if convicted. When they satisfy the debt to society their rights should be restored, in full. Who the hell are you to own a man?

  7. Denial of rights without due process is unconstitutional. Shame educated judges don’t get it.

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