Megyn Kelly Reflects On GOP Debate: ‘If You Can’t Get Past Me, How Are You Gonna Handle Vladimir Putin?’

Megyn Kelly (Credit: Fox News)

Sunday Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz” interviewed Megyn Kelly, moderator of the GOP Debate and host of “The Kelly File.” They discussed the praise and the criticism she and her colleagues have received in response to Thursday’s Republican debate. Criticisms came from all sides of the political spectrum, but some Republicans took issue with the hard hitting and sometimes very personal questions asked of the candidates.

Kelly said, “We were trying to drill down to their most vulnerable areas and then give them a chance to explain them and also give the audience a chance to see how they would handle that. So the job is to actually get past the talking points and go to the place where they might be most vulnerable with the Republican primary voters or conversely the place they may be most vulnerable in a general election and then give them the chance to knock that ball back to us.”

Some Trump Supporters were so angry at the Fox News host that they started a petition at to have Kelly removed from all future debates because, they said, the people “deserve a much more serious moderator.”

The petition, which has gathered nearly 6,000 signatures, reads in part:

Dears News Corp.,

She had a clear agenda to attack Donald Trump, by tenaciously clinging to his past rather than his vision for the future. She focused on Trump personally, rather than politically. Ultimately, she did not not live up to the “fair and balanced” slogan at Fox News and News Corporation.

While her disdain for Mr. Trump was evident, this petition is a call for truly fair and balanced coverage of ALL candidates. Thus, Megyn Kelly should be barred from hosting or moderating all future Republican Presidential Debates.

Megyn Kelly added,

“If you can’t get past me, how are you gonna handle Vladimir Putin?”


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5 Comments on "Megyn Kelly Reflects On GOP Debate: ‘If You Can’t Get Past Me, How Are You Gonna Handle Vladimir Putin?’"

  1. I am sure that Trump is not concerned about you Kelly. He is receiving attention through this. But I care weather a supposed moderator is trying to make a name for herself during a presidential debate, something like Crowley. If you are going to act like this, moderate the Kardashians! Haaaa, Haaa, haaa, that is where you are now, move to the E channel and cover those freaks.

  2. Avatar justsayin320 | August 10, 2015 at 12:38 pm |

    After watching part of the debate, I concluded that it was orchestrated by the peanuts gallery at Fox News. I was a fan of Fox News until I watched the debate. My opinion of the media on both sides is an utter and complete joke. No wonder our Country is going to hell in a hand basket. Troubled times ahead!!

  3. What an excuse for personal attacks. This was not her show, this was supposed to be a debate between the candidates. This was a blatant attack against Trump and it was obvious in her vicious attitude while questioning him.

  4. Avatar Jim Cropper | August 10, 2015 at 2:38 pm |

    Simple. He does not have to answer the blonde’s questions, he only has to enforce policy.

    Nice try Megyn Kelly but nobody thinks you were smart enough to do all of that on your own. The whole world knows you were sent out as a sacrifice to try and ruin Trump and his leads in the polls.

    But, as you can tell by the about face of Fox News and the backlash on Social Media, that didn’t go over so well now did it?

    Maybe we should hall her Monica instead of Megyn

  5. I am sick of women who think they can say anything to anyone and they have to just sit there and take it, as in women insulting men and thinking men don’t have a right to make a come back. You want equal rights but when a man responds to what you say you all want to cry about it and say its a war on women.
    Rosey and Megan if you cant put on your big girl panties and suck it up when a man responds to your bull shit then keep your mouths shut and don’t start something you can’t handle with a man. If you want equal rights that man has a right to respond to what ever you say to him in the same manner that he would to another man. Its those of you that cut men to the quick, that get your itty bitty feelings hurt after you start something that want to yell about war on women. Maybe if you were to show a little respect for men when talking to them they would talk to you with more respect. Respect is something you have to earn, just because you have an attitude with someone and get told off doesn’t mean its a war on women.

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