Media Influencing Elections: Even Fox News Seems To Be Blatantly Biased

Fox News: America's Election HQ (Source:

Media bias in election years is nothing new. Most of us expect it and those who are engaged and attentive during the process can somewhat look past it. That being said, the vast majority of Americans are only vaguely involved in the election process and therefore easily influenced by media sleight of hand. During the 2012 presidential race, Ron Paul was the victim of such media manipulation. Whether you agree or disagree with Ron Paul the bias was blatant as John Stewart pointed out in his “Reality Report.”

It would seem that his son, Senator Rand Paul, running for president in the 2016 race is the recipient of similar treatment, even from the “fair and balanced” folks at Fox News. Last week, Fox News covered the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of Republican contenders head to head against Hillary Clinton. The graphic they showed on-screen had some people scratching their head.

Fox News Screen Capture Of Poll Results. (Source:

Fox News Screen Capture Of Poll Results.

So, what’s wrong with this picture? Well, if you are a Rand Paul supporter, or even just any average American, you might expect the person who did the BEST in the poll to be at the top of the list on the graphic, right? Granted, that may have been a simple oversight, perhaps they just listed them in alphabetical order, oh wait, that doesn’t work either. Hmmm… Ok, but that is just on graphic that could probably be explained or even just dismissed altogether, right? Well, this week they had a new poll to report, their own Fox News Poll. Surely they caught the mistake and corrected it, right?

Another Fox Poll Reporting Screen Capture. (Source:

Another Fox Poll Reporting Screen Capture.

Now let’s play “Where’s Waldo?” or better yet, where’s Rand Paul? This is a Fox News Poll and though the poll included Rand Paul in several of the questions regarding favorability, desired Republican nominee and ethical politician questions, this particular question did NOT include Rand Paul at all in the survey. Question 26-33 of the poll. Despite being excluded from the if the election was today question, Rand Paul outperformed Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Carly Fiorina on the who would you like to be the Republican presidential nominee question. He has consistently polled near the top of this survey going back to December 2013. In key battleground states, he fairs better against Clinton than most, if not all, the others. In New Hampshire, an early Primary state, he is actually beating Hillary Clinton according to an UNH/WMUR Poll.

Image Source: UNH/WMUR Poll

Image Source: UNH/WMUR Poll

Is this a Paul Family curse? Media Bias? Some clandestine cabal directing media and politics from behind the proverbial curtain?

Regardless of your opinion of Sen. Rand Paul, or his father, such blatant media bias is unacceptable on any level. Much less from a News source that touts itself as “Fair and Balanced” and according to multiple polls is the “most trusted national news channel.


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