McKinney Protesters Chant False Narrative To Further Racial Tension Over Justice [VIDEO]

You Can't Drive If We Cant Swim (image source: google images)

As has become the model of “racial” protests lately, FACTS are irrelevant. The video that spawned the protests, showed a McKinney Police Officer responding to the scene of a “Pool Party” that got out of hand and resulted in dozens of kids trespassing and vandalizing private property. When the video began to get media attention, it was billed as a “racist cop on a rampage at a pool party,” but as has been the case in the past the initial narrative was sensationalism with no basis in fact. Early reports claimed that the neighborhood residents called police because there were “too many black faces at the pool.” That is the narrative that protesters are working from as the chant, “you can’t drive if we can’t swim.”

However, as we have reported here, the issue was not one of skin color, but one of private property.

McKinney “Pool Party” – What Happens When An Out Of Context Video Goes Viral

“Racist Cop Rampage” Video, McKinney TX Craig Ranch Resident Blasts Media For Irresponsible Reporting

Just like the false narrative “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” that spawned the riots in Ferguson Missouri, many of those same groups and same protesters are now in McKinney Texas chanting a new false narrative. The police officer at the center of the controversy has resigned, so the protesters calling for his firing, picked up the false narrative and directed their protest at the neighborhood. A neighborhood that is quite culturally and ethnically diverse, where racism is the least of their issues.

Protesters marching and chanting, “Who’s Streets — Our Streets” continue to reinforce the lack of respect for private property rights and inflame the passions of the public based on the false claims that helped proliferate the viral video.  Some say you can’t “un-ring the bell” and that appears to be the case.

Regardless of the facts, despite the lack of racial animus within the neighborhood and devoid of any semblance of truth, the false narrative protests continue under the watchful eye of a shameless and complicit mainstream media eager to MAKE News happen rather than report the News.

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  1. Avatar Tom lauria | June 11, 2015 at 2:50 pm |

    They always find the time to protest. Why don’t they have the time to teach there kids to be responsible, instead of acting like animals, then pulling out the famous race card. The have been taught well. AL Sharpton must be so proud of them !!!

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