Maya Rudolph Does Wild Rachel Dolezal Impression Late Night With Seth Meyers

Maya Rudolph with host Seth Meyers Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Maya Rudolph… For SNL lovers they will remember her best for her impressions of Beyonce in the “Prince” sketches or as the “Space Creature” in the “Gays in Space” sketches, but this quick Dolezal impression she does during an interview with Seth Meyers is priceless.

Seen in the video below from her interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday, June 22, the 42 year-old Bridemaids star had a chance to catch up with former costar Meyers and talk about current events. Meyers just happened to mention the similarities between the headline-making NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal and herself, and the impromptu skit was born.

“I’ve been getting that thing kind of on a daily basis with Rachel Dolezal,” Rudolph explained of fans telling her she should return to SNL to play Dolezal. “I remember Tina [Fey] saying when Sarah Palin was happening, everyone kept saying, her doorman’s like, ‘You gotta be Sarah Palin!’ But it happens to me every day, people are like, ‘Oh, it’s too bad, you haven’t been on SNL since 2007. You have to play this lady.'”

The star of the movie “Grown Ups” stepped up to the plate, accepting his offer to use his show to debut her new character impression. Grabbing a frizzy wig from behind her chair, she pulls it over her pretty long locks, and Meyers conducts an interview with “Rachel”.

Spoofing an already notorious interview that Dolezal gave to a local Spokane ABC affiliate when the scandal first broke, where she dodges questions directed toward her true ethnicity and her parents backgrounds.

“I think America really missed out,” Rudolph said when she wrapped her stint as Dolezal. “I’m so glad I brought my Rachel Dolezal wig. I always keep it in my purse.”

Although many find the entire Dolezal scandal utterly ridiculous and frivolous, and unworthy of any media attention, we sure have to admit that Maya’s take is pretty funny indeed.



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