Masters Golf Champion Bubba Watson Says He Will Bow At The Alter Of Political Correctness And Deface An American Icon

Feb. 1, 2012 - PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson prepares to drive off in the General Lee after playing a pro-am round at the TPC Scottsdale. Bubba Watson bought the vehicle, used for the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard", for $110,000 at the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale. (image source: Rob Schumacher/Arizona Republic)

Pro golfer, Bubba Watson, is a two-time Masters champion who played his collegiate golf in the South, Alabama and Georgia to be exact. In 2012, the same year of his first Masters win, he bought The General Lee, the iconic 1969 Dodge Charger from the hit TV show The Dukes of Hazzard, at auction. Not a replica, the actual General Lee and he not only spent $110,000 to buy this piece of television history, but he also had the car autographed by John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on the show. Now, Bubba Watson is caving to the politically correct, yet painfully misguided, movement to destroy the history of the South by announcing that he is going to paint over the iconic General Lee’s Confederate flag.

(Image Source: Facebook Fox & Friends)

(Image Source: Facebook Fox & Friends)

His followers on Twitter wasted no time in reacting to the announcement and set off a firestorm of mostly uninformed debate as to the meaning and symbolism of the flag. However, many fans rightly pointed out that he has had the car for 3 years and now “all of a sudden” in the frenzy of political correctness it is suddenly offense enough to deface an icon of TV history. Since this recent debate began, there has been a bandwagon of support, corporations removing products from their shelves and TV Land even removing the Dukes of Hazzard reruns from its channel.

(Image Source: Facebook)

(Image Source: Facebook)

Ironically, rather than removing the flag from public view as the PC Police had hoped, it has become more prevalent than ever. Even President Obama was greeted by Confederate flag supporters during his recent visit to Tennessee. Americans seem to take offense to being told what to do, what something they revere means and the destruction of American Icons like the General Lee. Small business that sell flags are reporting record sales of Confederate flags. People across the country are speaking out about the history of the Civil War, pointing out that it was about much more than slavery and racism.

In a recent article here on NoozSaurus we covered the statement that Mike Rowe made in regards to the flag as well as the response he got from one of his fans. You can see that, HERE.

Many argue that this is nothing more than “feel good” politics, symbolism over substance. Most of the debate surrounding this issue has little if any basis in fact or actual history. It is a debate of feelings on both sides, those who take pride in what they view as Southern Heritage, pride and to a large extent a rebel identity that, like the South in the Civil War, stood rightly or wrongly against oppression of their rights. Others see nothing more than a symbol of hate, slavery and racism without context, without reason and largely based on a lack of knowledge regarding the complexity of the issues surrounding a war fought a century and a half ago. Equating the flag with nothing more than those who have used it as a symbol of hate rather than the much larger and more sincere group of Americans who hold it dear for reason not at all related to race.

Like most issues in America, there are at least two sides to every issue yet when things like this move to the forefront of public awareness it typically results in a very public battle that divides the nation with no real chance of advancing any honest debate. Emotion cannot be defeated by reason and America as a whole suffers for the discord it creates. History is rewritten, Icons destroyed and a nation descends into chaos and division.

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  1. Sounds to me like he needs to put it back on Barret Jackson and resell it before he digraces not only a southern but national icon everyone being told false bullshit and believing it these days the main stream media is full of shit

  2. Pussified!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with Chad 100%. There’s a couple different options for this guy, how could anyone even consider defacing this car. Its should be in some sort of museum. I understand that he owns it and he can do what he wishes to do but on the other hand if he wanted to change it, he would have done right after the purchase. Instead he’s showing the world he’s as Magpie put it, Pussified. Total coward who cannot make up his own mind. So many people have the line between right and wrong completely blurred and/or are just oblivious to the actual concept. I guess if you want to be technical, you can break it down to, right and wrong can be as simple as a matter of opinion but even so,at least have your own damn opinion! This is all my own opinion, along with this- Bubba Watson, please, pull the panties out of your vagina and grow a pair already would ya! Fuckin coward!

    I apologize if this offends anyone but I stand by what I say and believe. Try it some time Bubba!!!

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