Lone Texas Cop vs Full Auto Jihadis: “We Have Y’alls Body Bags Packed”.

Image: USA Today

When I first heard about ISIS targeting Texans, I thought to myself; “Are y’all really that stupid?” After the incident in Garland, Texas on Sunday May 3rd at the Culwell Event Center, it appears that maybe they are.

If you haven’t heard about the shooting in Texas, I’ll give you a brief synopsis:

Two gunmen armed with AKMs (possibly illegal unregistered select-fire variety) and wearing body armor, attempted to terrorize people at the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” by opening fire, shooting a security guard in the ankle.  Lone off-duty police officer “puts them both to death” with his handgun. End of story.

Although the “Texas hero’s” name has not been officially released (I’m sure to protect him and his family from possible terrorist retribution), I would only imagine he would say something like; “I was only doing my job” or “Shoot, them boys shouldn’t be messin’ with Texans.”

Police shot and killed the men after they opened fire on a security officer outside the suburban Dallas venue/USA Today

Police shot and killed the men after they opened fire on a security officer outside the suburban Dallas venue/USA Today

The spokesman for the Garland Police Department had this to say;

“He did what he was trained to do, and under the fire that he was put under, he did a very good job. And probably saved lives,” Harn said of the unidentified officer. “We think their strategy was to get into the event center, and they were not able to get past our perimeter that we had set up.”

Now it hasn’t been confirmed as to what exactly they were carrying or wearing, and it is possible that these two obtained real select-fire AKMs from their Mexican drug cartel allies or maybe they were just your average run-of-the-mill variety semi-autos, and the “body armor” they supposedly were wearing has not been confirmed either, which means it may have been simple load-bearing equipment or LBEs. Of course none of this truly matters (they were armed and willing to harm others), yet in the case of traditional MSM reporting where ALL semi-automatic weapons become “assault rifles” we have to start telling the truth and not use “fear-mongering” tactics to make money.

It does seem as though some are making comparisons to the incident in an unarmed country, where armed (these guys don’t follow the laws) terrorists raided the Charlie Hebdo headquarters over Muhammad cartoons on January 7th where unarmed police officers along with civilians were forced to flee for their lives.  I guess the only comparison I can see here is; We don’t play that… down here in Texas.  If terrorist organizations such as ISIS want to claim responsibility for this incident, as many agencies are also reporting, they have been warned:  Texans are armed (civilian and LEOs alike) and we accept your challenge.

As we all can plainly see, the picture has already been painted for future terrorist threats; When sending men to attack innocent, unarmed texas citizens like you did in Garland on May 3rd, you better make sure the Prophet Muhammad has responded to your prayers — because we’re “gonna cut you down in the streets and send you to meet your virgins.”

We can also see what traditional mainstream media can do with these types of stories; as they insert keywords such as “assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, scary black gun, or the even more asinine words such as; ghost gun, unlimited clips, armor-piercing, banana clips (hair accessories?).  Or, they manage to over-report and propagate things such as; Garland SWAT ends incident, which is absolutely NOT what happened as we now know, they never fired a shot.

Honest reporting from reputable sources must be found, followed and used or We the People are just as much to blame for propagating their lies.





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Patrick James
Patrick James
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  1. You need to get the facts correct. One bad guy was carrying a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 which uses pistol rounds…NOT an AKM.

    The officer was using a Glock in 45 ACP

  2. Shut up, Jim. If you had continued reading, he says that (at the time of his writing) what the “bad guys” (great use of elementary words btw) were carrying was not confirmed. I’m sure you jizzed yourself when you got to say something you thought was smart, but just shut up.

  3. I think I am in love with you, Patrick James! Love your style!

  4. Awww… thank you Debbie. I appreciate the kind words. I am what I am… but I always like meetin’ like minded people. Thanks Jason and K for steppin up and sayin what needed to be said to our little “non-reader”… I appreciate the defense. Patrick

  5. Avatar Cynthia L Dodge | May 13, 2015 at 7:42 pm |

    Who cares what they were armed with, they were armed to kill… As I see it, two Islamic Terrorists died, their deaths probably saved lives of countless Americans, since this proved that the Jihads ARE undeniably on U.S. soil, waiting to attack us within…. I think I’d call it “meant to be” – After all, if it wasn’t for Pamela Geller’s Muhammad Art project they would have attacked something else and the tragedy could have meant the deaths of many Americans (i.e., Boston marathon, 9/11) !! So in lieu of what transpired I’d like to say, “THANK YOU, Pamela Geller, for so innocently serving in revealing that ISIS Jihad Radicals are indeed on U.S. soil, plotting attacks… As your art project also proved the level of Obama’s irresponsibility to America and Her people of all ethnicities & religions” !! Stop immigration of refugees from war-laden countries and Mexico – A move that has only proven to be direct threat !! And I want to THANK all our police departments for the awesome jobs you serve to do… Please stay safe and God bless one and all and their families !!!

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