Loaded Glocks Found In Capitol Hill Bathrooms

This gun was left in a bathroom stall inside the Senate office portion of the Capitol Visitor Center on Jan. 29, according to a source. (Photo obtained by CQ Roll Call)

A member of Mitch McConnell’s (Senate Majority Leader) security detail stuffed his carry weapon in one of the toilet seat cover dispensers.  A CVC worker found the firearm in the Capital Visitor Center bathroom stall, according to a source inside Capital Hill who was familiar with the January 29th incident also stated that it wasn’t the first time this has happened.

A  7 or 8-year-old child visiting the Capital with his parents was the “lucky” locator of the next loaded Glock that was haphazardly left by a dignitary protection officer.  Apparently a member of John A. Boehner’s (R-Ohio) security detail left the handgun in the bathroom of the Speaker’s suite on March 24th.

Unbelievably, a third Glock was found by a janitor on the night of April 16th while cleaning the Capitol Police headquarters building on D Street NE.  It was left in plain sight.

On Friday, CQ Roll Call spoke with members who are calling for a full investigation into firearms related incidences and a possible rewrite of the carry regulations. House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions R-Texas, stated that he wanted Capitol Police to “retrain everyone that carries a gun.”

Representative Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee stated that Congress should be investigating as to “how” a trained professional could leave their government issued handguns lying around unattended.  He has also suggested that Congress revisit the 2004 appropriations rider that shields Capitol Police from having to comply with the Freedom of Information Act requests that may jeopardize security.

“This information absolutely ought to come out,” the New York congressman told Roll Call. “Certain things probably out not to be subject to FOIA, but I don’t think you should can take an entire agency and say they’re not subject to FOIA.”

Nadler went on to say;

“This shows it’s time to look into that again, and it’s time to look into the question of what are the regulations with respect to how to handle firearms and what’s the enforcement,”

Regardless of the where the locations of these findings transpired, or whether it was an 8-year-old or an 80-year-old who found them, there is in my mind, no excuse for leaving a firearm unattended. These are supposed to be professionally trained government employees.  They should understand what could happen if someone unfamiliar with a Glock’s safety system were to find it loaded and unattended.

I know what I do with mine when I have to use a public restroom, and that is to leave it holstered.  I typically leave my pants a bit higher on my legs and spread them enough to keep tension on them, preventing the firearm from flopping loosely.  If I can’t do that and I have to unholster my firearm, I lay it muzzle forward in the crotch of my pants.

I will absolutely never, lay it down on any surface that is not attached to my person.  Although both of these methods are safe alternatives, I do it this way, because I typically have a lot on my mind and I don’t want to take the chance of leaving it behind.

Tell us how you handle this situation, in the comments below.






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Patrick James
Patrick James
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8 Comments on "Loaded Glocks Found In Capitol Hill Bathrooms"

  1. When I use the bathroom, it NEVER leaves my person! EVER! I refuse for an incident like this to be on my record.

  2. Avatar Dave Hare | May 3, 2015 at 6:52 am |

    The only picture we’ve seen regarding this matter shows the mag on top of the gun, POSSIBLY making the gun UNLOADED. But once again, the media chooses to amp everything up for their own purposes.

    • Dave, it doesn’t matter where the magazine is, the weapon was left by someone who ought to know better.

  3. Slym I agree but not just that, who knows if they kept one loaded in the chamber?

  4. Avatar Cory A. Hicks | May 3, 2015 at 11:30 pm |

    If you are on security and have to use the bathroom, where is your protected person? If you have two guards, I would recomend they use shoulder holsters. Me personaly, I always leave it holstered, only use the farthest (handicaped) stall and keep it riding high so the next occupant can not see it or keep my ankle holster covered but acceptable. The bathroom is a place of disadvantage and your sences should be even more acute.

  5. These idiots are security professionals? T

  6. Avatar Rocko Taco | May 7, 2015 at 1:14 pm |

    If it has to be unholstered, then I lay it in the crotch of my pants.

    I detest the over reaction though… Its time to look at carry policies and regulations? Why 1000’s of responsible private citizens who carry have never left their firearm in a restroom. How about we just fire these idiots?

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