Kidnap Victim’s Family Kicks Down Door, Kills Abductor

As a note to this particular article, this incident transpired 2 years ago, but is being reprinted to show what is possible when a responsible gun owner manages to successfully handle a negative situation, positively.  All members of this family are doing well after the incident, and look at the successful rescue as a positive event. The following is how it all unfolded at the time of the incident:

A local Louisiana man took things into his own hands after his cousin was abducted and local authorities failed to locate her.  Scouring the area of Lafayette Parish, he heard screams coming from an abandoned house and proceeded to kick the door in.  The cousin, whose name is being withheld by the sheriff’s department noted a man stabbing his 29 year-old cousin, Bethany Arceneaux when he broke through the door.  Firing his handgun several times, he later told police that he wasn’t sure he had hit the kidnapper in the darkened house, Sheriff’s Capt. Kip Judice states.

After law enforcement arrived, officers found the body of Scott Thomas, a man who had a child with Arceneaux and had previously violated a restraining order protecting her.  Arceneaux was hospitalized with wounds, but has since been released.

Arceneaux states that the police had been searching for her ex, when he arrived at the daycare she has their 2 year-old son enrolled at, on Wednesday, confronted her and forced her into his vehicle. The 2 year-old child was left inside her car at the daycare.

Thomas’ car was found that same night abandoned behind a canefield about a mile from the road. Police and bloodhounds searched the area without success on Thursday, but were met on Friday morning by nearly 20 of Arceneaux’s relatives who had organized their own search party, Judice stated.

Officers and relatives searched until about noon, when the girl’s cousin located the house. “The cousin was at the right spot when he heard the screams.” Judice said.

According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department the shooting has been ruled justified, concluding that the cousin acted within a state law that allows the use fo deadly force to prevent great bodily harm or death.  The case will also be reviewed by the district attorney, Judice stated.
Added NOTE:  This incident happened in 2013, but was reissued on Noozsaurus to show what a an armed man can accomplish if properly trained and motivated.




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Patrick James
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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am soooo glad her family found her in time. I am learning that we must take care of our family — the police do everything possible,– sometimes a pro-active family can make all the difference. I pray this poor woman heals and finds her life better after recovering from her wounds. God Bless her family for finding her before it was too late!!! Kudos to the police who searched for her. Together we can save lives!

  2. Avatar Mike Rice | May 11, 2015 at 6:51 pm |

    I think she may have a much better time recovering since her cousin killed the man who abducted her. She knows she does not have to hide from him.

  3. Avatar David Ellis | May 11, 2015 at 9:48 pm |

    As a former law enforcement office and seeing the things I have. 90% of the time I am armed in my house. 100% of the time when I leave my house, CARRY ALWAYS ! PRACTICE OFTEN !

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