Judge rules against Norman Music Festival’s ‘No Gun’ Policy


It seems that Oklahoma judges are taking their constitutional rights a bit more seriously lately, as Judge Thad Balkman rules in favor of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association request for a restraining order against the Norman Music Alliance and City of Norman’s “no-gun” policy during the Norman Music Festival.

Earlier this month the Norman Music Alliance and the City of Norman stated that weapons of any type would not be allowed at the festival, which is held on a four block lease of city streets in Norman.  As this decision did not bode well with all of the Norman citizens the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association step up and demanded the judge rule on the constitutionality of the decree.

The event is an annual three day independent music festival where dozens of bands take over Main street.  The free event brings citizens from far and wide to enjoy music and food, but it seems the non-profit organizers forgot that many of their attendees would like to carry their legal firearms with them.

“The city is basically bullying to the point that a peaceful person would be harassed for exercising a constitutional right,” said Don Spencer, vice president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association. “Oklahoma Second Amendment Association members will be at the festival carrying concealed and openly.  So whether this goes through or not, we will be there,” Spencer stated in an interview.  He also said that the county sheriff has no intentions of enforcing such a decree as it’s unconstitutional and illegal.

Thankfully the judge ruled that private entities can ban guns on their premises, but that public entities cannot circumvent the exercising of rights by the legal legerdemain of giving away their authority.  For more of the transcripts look here.

Here is a look at the official statement from the Norman Music Alliance:

“The official policy of the Norman Music Alliance for the Norman Music Festival is to request customers not to carry guns on festival grounds. Norman Music Alliance is certainly a supporter of every amendment to the Constitution. In accordance with the agreement with the City of Norman, the Norman Music Alliance rents four city blocks in downtown Norman to hold the Norman Music Festival. Under that agreement, NMA qualifies under the business owner exemption law, Okla. Stat. tis. 21 sec 1290.22, that allows business owners to request customers not carry guns into their businesses.

Guns and alcohol do not mix well.

The Norman Music Alliance does not want to put conceal carry music fans in danger of a felony charges because they carried in a place where low point beer is served.  Okla. Stat. tit. 21 sec. 1272.1.

The board of the Norman Music Alliance feels that most of the fans that attend the Norman Music Festival would appreciate and request a weapon free festival and therefore it is the policy of the Norman Music Festival to ask gun owners and everyone to leave weapons in their vehicles and not bring them onto festival grounds.”


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