ISIS Opens 5-Star Luxury Hotel: Let The Social Media Mockery Begin

The new room service applicants sitting in front of Hotel Ninawa. "Knock, knock... motherf**cker!"

Meanwhile in the rest of the world, it appears the fun-loving zealots engaged in the destruction of all infidels have turned capitalist as the leaders of the Islamic State announce the “grand-reopening” of a 5-star hotel in the war-torn, battle-pocked city of Mosul, Iraq.  It didn’t take long before amateur comedians throughout our social media networks chimed in on their endeavor.

According to International Business Times, ISIS announced in a recent circular, that they have revamped and opened the 11-story, 262-room luxury hotel located near the landmark al-Ghabat forest on the banks fo the River Tigris in Mosul, to host their top dignitaries.  It seems the hotel, once quite popular with the jet-setter crowd in another time and place, will not be serving alcohol, and music, dancing, smoking and gambling are strictly prohibited as well.  The casino and presidential suites will now be used for housing ISIS dignitaries and serve to host weddings of jihadi brides. As more information comes across the internet, the social media hecklers continue their comedic onslaught; 

I only hope they take reservations, as I’m most certain there are a few of our military that would be willing to pay them a visit.  Can you only imagine that repair bill?

I’m sorry, but there’s something about flaunting a luxurious lifestyle while killing thousands of innocent people at the same time, that is just “asking” for a visit from our elite fighting forces.  OOO-FREAKIN-RAH!




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Patrick James
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  1. Paint it bright and light it up. We’ll bomb into brightly colored gravel.

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