#HugACop Can It Repair The Battered Reputation Of Law Enforcement? [VIDEO]

Image Source: Facebook.com

What happens when two police officers walk down the street with signs that say “Free Hugs”?

The Newark Delaware Police Department posted a video on their Facebook page that answers that question.

In the original video on their facebook page, which already has nearly 5 million views, Corporal James Spadola and Officer First Class Aaron Olicker offer hugs to anyone who wants them.

Spadola explained that he came up with the #HugACop idea because there has been so much negative news surrounding police.

“I just wanted to come up with a positive time between the police and the citizens,” Spadola said.

Despite all of the negative press law enforcement has gotten recently, they still have a lot of support from most citizens. Can such a feel-good project repair any of the damage done to the organization as a whole? That depends on how well this #HugACop campaign catches on nationwide. Given the viral status this video has already achieved, odds are that it could have some effect, but long-term improved relations may take more than a hug.

For more information, follow the Newark Delaware Police Department  on Twitter or follow the #HugACop on Twitter or Facebook.


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