HILARIOUS: Navy SEAL Critiques ISIS Training Video

Image: Youtube.com

In a recent video that was published in May, a former Navy Seal breaks down one of the Islamic State’s most recent propaganda “training” videos.

The SEAL, Jonathan Gillum decries ISIS’ training tactics and repeatedly blames their overall lack of equipment on “the supply guy”, making a reference to the notoriously stingy (in his opinion), “supply guys” of the US Military.

The video, which was obviously intended to intimidate, has not been received as expected, with many internet-goers referring to a simplistic informational video from the US Navy as a response to the Islamic States “laughable” video.

The Islamic State video, shown below in it’s entirety, was released earlier this year. It’s release followed a number of highly publicized beheadings of Western Journalists.

Even after hearing Mr. Gillum’s remarks, the Islamic State is no laughing matter. For those with little knowledge regarding tactical training, the five-minute film could be seductive. Wearing signature black masks, ISIS’ foot soldiers are seen pumping iron and going head to head in hand-to-hand combat. Wielding AK-47s, they successfully storm “bases” by breaking down doors and throwing flash grenades.

Despite President Obama’s reluctance to compare the Islamic State to al-Qaeda, it appears that they truly are a threat to American interests at home and abroad.  David Benjamin (former State Department coordinator of counter-terrorism) said in a statement to the AP, “The feeling is that ISIS has done what [al-Qaeda] couldn’t – it has held territory, it has damaged armies much larger than it is.”