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Marcus Luttrell / Team Never Quit

This may sound like a product review, but it is so much more than that. Marcus Luttrell – former Navy SEAL, Lone Survivor author and founder of Team Never Quit has partnered with PNW Arms and Sinterfire to introduce a frangible, lead-free ammo in a wide variety of calibers.

“The team is committed to a reliable product, no matter what,” Luttrell said. “Team Never Quit came about because we knew that our way of life has motivated others in a positive way. We want to motivate others to overcome challenges and never quit.”

“We are not trying to reinvent something, we are trying to make it better.”

Marcus Luttrell explained in a promotional video, the importance of frangible ammunition and how it “hit home” so to speak after a friend of his was injured by a piece of a non-frangible round that ricocheted off a steel plate target he was practicing on and hit him in the groin.

The ammunition being frangible and lead-free makes it safer to train with and more environmentally friendly. While the rounds are a bit more expensive than traditional ammunition, the safety concerns and the fact that a portion of the proceeds support Lutrell’s charity as well. In 2010, Luttrell established the Lone Survivor Foundation.

“A portion of every box sold goes to the Lone Survivor Foundation,” Luttrell said. “The Lone Survivor Foundation is there to help the entire family, not just the veteran. We get them out in a natural environment to help them heal from war. There are all types of professionals on staff to help with different therapeutic methods.”

“It’s something that’s really important to me and it does a lot of good for a lot of veterans and their families.”

Lucky Gunner, the distributor of the Team Never Quit ammo, says added cost hasn’t hindered sales thus far. “At Lucky Gunner we’ve seen a pretty strong initial response,” spokesman Anthony Welsch said. “We’re actually sold out of the 9mm training rounds. So, there does seem to be some excitement around the ammo.”

According to a product review done by the Free Beacon,

Over 120 rounds ran clean and smooth, without misfires, double feeds, failures to feed, or any other problem.

On this limited inspection, the Team Never Quit ammo fires just as well as Winchester, Federal, CCI, and other leading manufacturers. And the fact that Luttrell’s ammo is frangible and disintegrates on contact with a hard surface may give it a leg up on the competition.

A box of training rounds / Team Never Quit

A box of training rounds / Team Never Quit

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