GUN RIGHTS: Obama Thinks Gun Ownership is a Greater Threat Than TERRORISM

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President Obama spoke to BBC last week, stressing his frustration over the overall failure of gun control on the federal level. Obama went on to suggest that guns outweigh terrorism as a threat to Americans’ safety.

“If you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it’s less than 100. If you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it’s in the tens of thousands.”

“The United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense, gun-safety laws.” However, it is not that America does not have gun control. Rather, it is that Americans increasingly see that gun control does not stop criminals from acting out their criminality, therefore support for more gun laws has waned.

Unfortunately for President Obama, a number of facts regarding gun control and mass shootings do not support his agenda, in fact, they prove the opposite to be true.

In a recent OP-ED Breitbart released a list of mass shootings that would not have been stopped by the gun control measures supported by Obama and his Progressive cronies.

Adam Lanza (December 2012) John Russell Houser (Lafayette), Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez (Chattanooga), Dylann Roof (Charleston), Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi (Garland), Jared and Amanda Miller (Las Vegas), Elliot Rodger (Santa Barabara), Ivan Lopez (Fort Hood 2014), Darion Marcus Aguilar (Maryland mall), Karl Halverson Pierson (Arapahoe High School), Paul Ciancia (LAX), Andrew John Engeldinger (Minneapolis), Aaron Alexis (DC Navy Yard), and Tennis Melvin Maynard (West Virginia.

All of the above shooters acquired their guns via a background check. So what benefit do Americans gain from expanding such checks?

The facts don’t matter to Obama, it would seem, Mr. Obama is determined to keep pushing more laws. As he told BBC, “[This] is not something that I intend to stop working on in the remaining 18 months [of my administration].”

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  1. I would never have believed that one person could divide Americans so much on so many issues, but I have seen it happen. I never would have believed a sitting president could lie so much and continue to be a president. I have seen it now. How can a choosen leader have so much trust in the enemies of our country, barter with the enemy that wants to kill Americans and eliminate a huge world religion? Obama has now proven to be the worst president that history has ever seen. I have seen it happen.

  2. Wait….I though “global warming” was the greatest threat. Make up your mind, obama, can’t have it both ways. Gun control socialists are the greatest threat to this country.

  3. Yet Obama doesn’t mention how many infants are aborted every year. It’s over 10 thousand and ALL are preventable. Until Obama can focus on abortions in America he can wipe his ass with gun control and leave my 2nd amendment rights alone!!!

    • Avatar Pissed at stupid people | July 31, 2015 at 3:09 pm |

      It’s not your right or the presidents to tell me what I can do with my damn body your opinions don’t mean shit in my life. My choice free country free choice. You want the right to have your opinion you want the right to be able to be free to choose whether or not you have a weapon but you don’t want me to have the right to choose something that would affect me for the rest of my life how in anyway does that affect you? Oh yeah it doesn’t.

  4. “How that idiot got elected TWICE?”
    Geo. H. & Geo. Dub-yah… need I say more???

    Even Geo. H’s wife DOESN’T want ANOTHER Bush in the White House!
    Can you think of anyone who KNOWS them BETTER !…

  5. Take guns from the people. Muslims get guns black market .muslims take over USA goodbye America .helo third world country

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