Gun Grabber Loses It With 2nd Amendment Supporters, “SHUT UP”!

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Poughkeepsie, New York – 6/15/15

After a confrontation between an anti-gun city Councilman and Second Amendment supporters who had turned out to fight new gun restrictions, the Councilman came unglued; he had just two-words for the people who elected him:

“Shut up!”

From TheBlaze:

“When the Poughkeepsie, N.Y., city council had a restrictive gun proposal under consideration at its June 15 meeting, members of the Dutchess County chapter of the Shooter Committee On Political Education showed up to exercise their constitutional rights.”

Gun Grabbing Councilman Joe Rich, didn’t like that at all.

“I know why you’re doing this, because you don’t want us to have a law…that would cause you a lot of trouble out there,” Rich said to those attending the meeting. “You don’t want them to work … that’s the truth. You’re here to make sure that these laws never get a chance to find out if they are going to work or not.”

Councilman Rich said that members of the pro-gun group were not Poughkeepsie residents.

“Go to your own city — your own town,” he said. “Leave us alone.”

At about that time one audience member had enough and spoke up.

“There are people here that live in the 2nd Ward…You know I live in the 2nd Ward,” he told Rich, who represents the area.

That’s when the Councilman lost his jimmies – he realize that his opposition had shown up armed with facts, and that he had none to present. Like your average 4th grade playground bully, Rich didn’t like being stood up to, so he decided to scream and yell…


“Quiet! You’re not recognized!” Rich shouted. “Shut up! You’re not recognized…I’m tired of having people from the audience interrupt me! I’ve listened to all you people from 5 p.m.! Shut up!”

After his outburst, the council voted to have an immediate 10-minute recess. Even then, the heated back-and-forth exchange continued between Rich and meeting attendees.

Youtube Screengrab

Youtube Screengrab

Rich later said he “didn’t mean to lose” his temper, but he “felt it was abusive for them to come there in large numbers, wearing their shirts.”

“They were accusing us of taking their second amendment rights. I got upset, so I stood up — I don’t have to be intimidated by outside organizations like that,” he added, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

4 Comments on "Gun Grabber Loses It With 2nd Amendment Supporters, “SHUT UP”!"

  1. This guy is a typical liberal gun-grabber. They have zero clue as to what the 2nd Amendment (or the whole Constitution for that matter) is about or what the harm of having draconian gun laws does. Look at all the areas that have tough gun laws. Higher crime across the board. Areas with Constitutional, Open or Concealed Carry, lower crime and safer neighborhoods. The 2nd Amendment allows citizens to own guns to protect them from criminals and tyranny. Dems don’t want us to have that, they just want to be able to control us.

  2. I like the guy sitting next to him laughing at everything he says. Does this idiot really think people shouldn’t be able to show up at city counsel meetings and voice their opinions. I wonder if he’d be as vocal if a bunch of liberals showed up to protest a conservative ordnance.

  3. Well,they sure got their city seal right! Go worker bees! Get that self righteous male” queen” out of there. We need constitutional carry for citizens safety,that’s been tried and proven! If you want a rich man’s gun grabbing paradise, move to Australia!

  4. Avatar Rob Mazurek | June 27, 2015 at 6:46 am |

    There you have a perfect Example of Your typical Political ,Anti-gun, Hysterical Looney-tune .
    Firstly he makes accusations that people dont want to give these laws a chance…well the reason that is because his proposed anti-gun by-law would be 100% unconstitutional – I mean why do you think the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the DC and Chicago handgun bans were unconstitutional .Maybe if this senile old man actually studied the Constitution and recent Supreme Court rulings regarding the second amendment – he would realize his anti-gun agendas are nothing but an illusionary anti-gun politicians wet-dream and can never be realistically enacted legally . I mean for Gods sake. Im Canadian , and even I know more about the Constitution and Supreme Court Rulings (District of Columbia Vrs Heller & McDonald vrs City of Chicago) then this old hysterical Nut-bar . Yes this is the typical anti-gun politicians response when they are confronted with knowlegable gun owners who know their rights ….all they can try and do is try to shut down the debate – because they know they can never possibly win. Someone please give the old man a tissue and Psych Exam . I agree with the man in the audience….there is no way this old lunatic will ever be re-elected again . What really ame me laugh is the way he tried to claim that Rich people lock up their guns and poor people dont….how does he know this for sure ? … and wouldnt Rich people be more prone to carry guns on their person or keep one handy for self-defence..since they are more likely to become targets of thieves ? … This old Dude makes so sense whatsoever -his logic is totally twisted and he definately needs some serious professional help .

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