Giuliani Says; Baltimore’s Do-Nothing Leadership Is To Blame; The Rest Is Just A Political Dodge

Rudy Giuliani Accuses Obama, Black Leaders Of Stoking 'Anti-Police Hatred'/Huffington Post

The former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani was upset over the shooting death of police officer Brian Moore — the third NYPD officer to die in the “line of duty” in the last five months. It was a sad day for New York City on May 9th, as they laid to rest one of New York’s finest.  Two days later Giuliani takes to task the problems plaguing these cities and what he feels is the cause.

“I find this attack on police disgusting, ignorant and an avoidance of responsibility,” he said during an interview on Saturday with Fox & Friends.

“Because the responsibility here lies by and large at the amount of crime that is allowed to occur in certain communities in the United States and a failure of political leadership to clean up those problems.”

He is claiming that it all boils down to politics, both in New York City and in Baltimore.

“Blaming this on the police is a political dodge for the people who have done nothing for the communities they serve,” Giuliani said. “And [in] the case of Baltimore, that happens to be absolutely true.”

Giuliani believes that current Mayor Bill de Blasio, although having a “rocky” past relationship with the NYPD, is now stepping up and being much more supportive.

“Hopefully that will continue,” Giuliani said. “The mayor needs the police. And the mayor should be the one that is giving people the right perspective about the police, which is that most of them are like the police officers we lost on September 11th and the police officers we’ve lost in the line of duty.”

No matter what your opinions are regarding those in law enforcement, these senseless killings need to stop. There is no doubt that corruption has taken a toll throughout our government, but this is not something that has happened overnight. The corruption, deceit, decay and perversion of our Constitutional values and judicial system began the moment our Founding Fathers penned the documents that formed our Nation.  It is up to the People, to ensure they remain intact.



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